Any smokers here?

I know it is a silly question… But I’ll like to know how to help a friend who is a chain smoker with supplements. I already tried to get them to quit… Didn’t work. What kind of supplements do they need. Lol


They should get a pharmaceutical for smoking cessation if they want to quit, maybe some replacement like Zyn (nicotine pouches).


I guess maybe I should word it better. They do not want to quit smoking :joy:

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If they don’t want to quit I don’t see how they will? You’d have to work on them wanting to quit instead (or at least wanting to stop chain smoking), like by citing facts about smoking, what happens… etc, so they can judge risk vs. reward properly. But it’s hard to help someone who is addicted.


The GLP 1 might help, for reasons I don’t understand.

My daughter’s father-in-law was hopelessly addicted and wanted to quit. His son actually raised (I raised a bunch too, just because I couldn’t help myself) a bunch of tobacco and made cigarettes for his dad. He said after smoking them for a while he had no trouble quitting. A good part of the addictive part is the sugar mix they spray on it.

He died, but it was a cool thing to do.


Adriank, if your friend does not want to quit you’re between a rock and a hard place in making any progress, commendable though it may be to try. The friend may get irritated with you if you’re persistent. I’ve had friends who were smokers, but only if they wanted to quit did it ever happen. Nicotine is addictive.


A friend’s wife smokes occasionally still and I’ve sent her the literature of rapamycin with regard to lung cancer, and she’s adopted rapamycin. These people know they should stop smoking, but for whatever reason they don’t so until they do the best strategy is harm minimization.

see this thread and related papers: Rapamycin - for Cancer Prevention


I was a smoker. Stopped by this approach. Vape even if you get addicted - it’s not healthy but better than smoking. Then quit the vaping with nicotine replacement therapy. Used 24hour patches. Three step slow reduction in strength. Using gum if needed. Again, doesn’t matter if get addicted to patches as healthier than vape. Reduce strength of patches (quantity of gum) at own pace leisure. Relapses need to be followed by self forgiveness and getting back on the wagon. It’s not how far down you fall, but how high you bounce :blush:


I stopped at the vape.

Switched from smoking to one pebble flum vape a month (6000 puffs). I’ve read it has about equal the nicotine as what I was intaking smoking, but not sure at all.

Don’t crave cigs, the vape for me gets it done.

There are arguments that nicotine and the other crap in the vape are not bad for you, I’m not sure the answer on that though. Just I feel it is far safer than cigs

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I’m a former smoker. I quit smoking traditional combustable cigarettes in 2009 by switching entirely to vaping. I had smoked for 37 years, mostly a pack or more a day. I tried zyban, patches, gums, prescription pills like Chantix and other stuff like counting cigs, putting them out early, putting them out late, cutting them in half. None of that worked. First time i tried a vape, i knew it had the potential to work as a substitute for 2 simple reasons. It provides nicotine, and unlike anything else I mentioned, it simulates the experience of smoking almost exactly.
Vapes dont burn the way cigs do. They heat a liquid of propylene glycol and, or vegetable glycerine, along with liqiud nicotine and what is essentially food flavoring. They create an aerosol by heating, but not burning the vape liquid. That contains no tar. By the end of smoking, I had a hacking, wet cough every day, was on antihistamines and two different asthma inhalers. I saw my doctor after 2-3 months of only vaping. He checked my lungs with a stethoscope. I’ll never forget when he said, “they sound perfect”. Based on my experience, heavy smokers that dont really want to quit should be offered vapes as a harm reduction part of their nicotine habit. The best thing to breathe is of course fresh air, but for heavy smokers, vapes can help to transition away from harmful cigarettes.


What do you mean? Help quit or help with health? The general rule for the health part is - if you smoke, nothing else really matters. It’s a death sentence.

I definitely believe that the GLP/GIP medications could help a person quit smoking. They act on a part of the brain that makes a person feel satisfied and help with impulse control.

It’s been a long time. The way the quit was two fold. One, I smoked in only one place: my front porch. Then my son advised me to roll my own and make them thinner and thinner until after 2 weeks it was mostly paper. Then one day I ran out of tobacco in the pouch and felt I couldn’t be bothered to drive out to get some. All this works if someone wants to quit. I liked the smell and taste and how I imagined I looked. And now I just feel stupid for having ever done it. It’s been over 10 years, but I smoked on and off (years off) for longer. Also never more than 5 a day. Tell your friend it’s a liberation. But no one quits who doesn’t want to. It’s hard, and when it’s done you realize how actually easy it was. Sorry this was a long ramble. I feel sad that anyone still smokes.