Anti-aging Benefits of Rapamycin, Personal Experiences (part 2)

Hate to keep harping on this but it would certainly be helpful if more of these great benefits were measurable. Agetron when you say “showing improved memory… general euphoria” and “in thoughts, mood, verbally… my analysis and writing is better” it seems like that would fall under mental acuity or general mental sharpness. There should be good ways to test that. I’m looking… and planning to take some of the tests I’ve found to see how appropriate they might be. I see The Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE), The Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS), the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE) and Montreal Cognitive Assessment or The *MoCA Test online. I think they can all be downloaded and taken at home. I’ve noticed increased mental sharpness from some supplement I’m taking (not rapamycin or nootropics) but not sure which one or ones it is.


I have been taking this test over the last year of rapa:

The above was mentioned in this thread: Best Methods for Tracking Cognitive / Brain Health with Age? - #19 by MAC

The output looks like this:

Looks trendless to me, variation is noise.


Great! Thanks! I’ll investigate.

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I wonder if the reason why you’ve seen such a big benefit is because you were already noticing the decline. Dr. Green seemed to have a similar experience. He had a serious heart issue that apparently resolved itself. Maybe you’re seeing more benefit because you were older when you started taking it. whereas if someone a couple of decades younger takes it there’s less of an effect simply because there’s less wrong at that point.


Paul - that is exactly my belief. Those who are 60 years plus are more likely to have the beginnings of decline… forgetting a person’s name, or actor… or a word they want… that just won’t come to mind. I had all of that… pretty often. Now rarely… if I pause - it comes back to me.

I would still have started at 40 if I could go back in time. And, likely have noticed little change. Several friends in their early 30’s on rapamycin for one year and can’t identify a single change (except skin quality and tightening), feeling fantastic. One is a doctor in his residency. All say they are staying the course on rapamycin.

My son who is 33 years old on rapa 4 mg weekly for past year - he had some swallowing issues that resolve (neurological) and lost about 20 pounds and his weight set point… reset… went to solid/stocky - not fat. He feels nothing in general…we are very similar blood type and such - so similar phenotype. The benefits my be silent.


Hey Mike,

When I was in high school a family of Baumgartners (Dan and Mike were a few years older than me) lived next door in Universal City, Texas. Always washing dad’s 240- Z Datsun. Not you by chance? Lol.

As you mentioned. One starts to recognize mental acuity or general mental sharpness lessening with age - probably at around 60 years and it gets worse each year. Like President Biden, or my 90 year old in-laws and yes, even me. People, events, names I always knew - or that perfect word to describe my point… suddenly you blank. When this happened, I knew enough descriptors that generally I could get that name or word with a Google search - putting in my remembered clues. It was harder to concentrate and felt a bit weighed down in my mind and thoughts. Now alert - clear and more aware.

I lecture on medical history world-wide and found that if I did not know in advance the full sentence/thoughts - I might go blank at the important part of the talk. If you are around teens and college kids at all - you see that they just talk stream-of-consciousness and never are at a loss of thoughts or words. I have gone from preparing what I would say “in full” to going off the cuff - trusting I will have the right word or person when I get to that point and it drops in. And, it does.

In this way I know my memory is stronger and dependable. Also, I laugh constantly… I notice it. You can find humor where you might have found stress or anger in the past. Was suprised how often people comment on my apparent happiness and joy of life. Not a test - but you know when you know.


Hi Jason, No it wasn’t me. Baumgartner isn’t exactly common but there are more around than I thought (Kevin Costner’s Ex for example-Christine Baumgartner). I grew up in North Carolina, moved to Oregon and now live in Mexico.
About mental sharpness, I’m 70 and really didn’t really notice much change/decline until my early 60s and even then it wasn’t dramatic. But when I started experimenting with supplements and suddenly all that sharpness comes back, it’s very noticeable, and you’re going…“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about…give me more of that!” Unfortunately, I haven’t honed in on exactly what did it because, like a lot of us, I rotate around among a bunch of different supplements. My guess at the moment-and I know it won’t be popular here-is liposomal NMN in combination with something else I’m taking. I went off for 3 months and then started again about a month ago and yes I could feel the difference. I know we’re all different and we’re all looking for that special key that fits your own personal lock, that’s why I’m interested in testing and being detailed so I can streamline my protocol down to the bare essentials that keep me functioning at my maximum potential.


One of the very clear effects of the study for me was a 33% reduction in visceral fat, as shown by the DXA scans done during the study.

Source, This Post in our Forums: Pearl Trial Unblinding - #34 by tahoedenizen


I do plan on doing a Dexa scan (too bad they’re so expensive) pre and post starting Rapamycin. I’m 6ft and 172 lbs so BMI of 23.3. Not really expecting Rapamycin to change that but changes in visceral fat aren’t visible are they? And I guess the bone density measures should be valuable.

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BTW, back to fertility on Rapa, my N-of-1 definitely shows great improvements towards youthful cycles after year+ of 6mg/wk.

Source: This post in this thread on Rapamycin and Fertility

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