Another age clock interview

Came across the following;


Interview starts at around 7:30 time marker.

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NICE!! Got thinking to add the GlycanAge test to my TruMe data on Methylation of DNA.
Cost for 2 tests with 2 half hour consults with Code discount of 15% - I used CODE: NICHOLA saved $100 total cost was $506. Website:

I see a great correlation. Will keep you updated on what I discover using this blood test Age Clock.

In the podcast Researcher and self-tested Dr. Lauc - provided information that definitely makes me consider the inflammation damage that might come with an older person (maybe in their 60’s up) over exercising - with no repair or healing time between workouts. Dr. Lauc addresses this from his own experience. The students are in the gym everyday and after 2-years of seeing them - they look the same to me. I go every other day and I feel my health/muscle benefit is equal at a visual glance. Need that recovery break time.

Appreciated you putting this up for us!

Just a bit more on the topic of glycans. I am very excited to explore this biological age - or you could call it a health score tool.

Link: How GlycanAge Biological Age Testing Works - an Interview with Gordan Lauc —

My idea is to see how rapamycin/sirolimus and metformin are effecting my glycans and report back here.


My GlycanAge kit(s) arrived today.

It seemed prudent to get the two kits. One now and the second use in 6 months. Comes with a consult for each test. Instructions easy and clear.

Was pretty easy. Although.I am not into finger pricks… but the kit comes with 3 spring loaded lancets. The first lancet failed.

The next one worked great… needed four big drops of blood.

Let air dry 2 hours - pack and send.

Easy peasy… will share my results when they come back in 4 weeks. Can hardly wait.

Results at lab… getting closer.

It’s back!!!

Drum roll please… my Glycan results are back.

Remember, the PEARL study is using GlycanAge to get a biological baseline age of its participants prior to taking Rapamycin… and after use to see changes .

In their report, I rate health off the charts in all areas compared to a majority that are tested. Biologically I am 37 years… chronological 64 years. I take 10 mg rapamycin once a week, 1ml of 200mg Cypionate injection weekly, 500 mg Metformin daily. And, vitamins… D, Zinc, B-12, Magnesium, Melatonin.

I do resistence exercise 1 hour 15 minutes …every other day.

Feeling amazing right now!


Great news - thanks for posting.

I was contacted by the GlycanAge management / Gordon Lauc, etc. last week and they want to do a small test/special offering with our members here. They are interested in pre/post testing before and after using rapamycin. More details coming soon…


Can you change your handle to AGE-LESS!

Love these low markers posts.


Hahaha! Sure Agetron to Ageless! :laughing: :joy:

I am as shocked as anyone - except… I have to say that I feel amazing 100% of the time.

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Low GlycanAge > Longevity?

Keto diet (low glucose) + Phlebotomy (dumping glycanated proteins) > Low GlycanAge > Longevity?

I should do a test to throw another n=1 on the map.


Maybe… Not cheap - but not bad for the amount work they do.

I went ahead and got 2 at the discount. Will want to retest in about 6-months. Look for any changes… if none… then stay the course.

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If you make no changes, 6 months might not be necessary.

Did they tell you how long to wait after an intervention?

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Jason, how long have you been on the rapamycin?

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Yes… I started rapamycin under my physician supervison in August 2020. Blood checks every 3-months. My rapamycin is pharmaceutical ordered thru Acreedo. I started Metformin in October of 2021.

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I will be adding Astaxanthin and continuing more reguarly with a few Amino acids – Quercetin; L- Cysteine; Glycine and Fisetin.

Good to confirm I am doing it right, and consistent. When the news is almost too good to be true… as a 27 years gain is for me… definitely like to retest 6 months later and see if it really is accurate… not some fluke. I did that also with TruMe and had same results - 6 months apart. Very reassuring. :wink:

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Getting my Coronary Calcium Scan on June 9th… got the idea from this group. My physician decided to do his too - he is 48 years.

Another check of body health. Based on my Glycan markers - I am assuming no atherosclerosis, but this test will be definitive.

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The CT is going to look backwards at your last 60+ yrs. It’s not a real time indicator of your current extremely healthy lifestyle.

I wouldn’t be too alarmed if you didn’t have a stellar past lifestyle and had some calcification. The important thing is to adapt and prevent future progression!

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I might be wrong, but I kinda thought that the Rapamycine actually went through and scoured out the artieries and my heart to a degree. When I first started Rapamycin I could feel the weight in my heart and things changing - it was heavy. My arm veins had divots and chinks in them those all cleared out… so I may be naive, but I think the Rapamycin cleared out a lot of my 60 years of bad habits in diet. Haha.

FWIW…consider a CIMT* test.

*carotid intima-media thickness
No radiation.

FAST CAT/ Ca Score take a very large amount of Astaxanthin, for quenching hydroxyl radical from the radiation.

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Sorry brother. Rapamycin might slow down future progression, but no not going to reverse calcification.

You are definitively drinking the Rapamycin koolaid :muscle:


To look under the hood, you need to look at the heart directly.

Wishful thinking - so many miraculous benefits. DAMN! Hahaha.