Allan Green-Your Experience

Good day folks.

I sourced Rapacan last month but have not felt the desire to initiate usage without some form of supervision, at least initially.

I reached out to Dr Allen Green who -fortunately for me given dearth of local options-was willing to provide assistance remotely although his response was succinct and did not really go into his approach which I am sure he will elaborate on during the initial consult.

Does anyone here know how he goes about supervising a rapa regime or can point me towards discussions of patient experience? How often does he seek follow-ups, request blood tests be performed, what type of blood tests, dosing strategy etc?

Thank you!

Not sure, but if you have a local doc you might try them first, if only because they know you and are most easily accessible.

That said, if you stick with Dr. Green I’m sure we would all be curious to hear a synopsis of his advice and counsel!

There’s no one local. I had considered one individual-the only option in my jurisdiction-but between vacillation on fees (they were changed after initial quote), requiring as a minimum a no of tests (beyond the typical bloodworks) that for me were simply cost prohibitive for a luxury given my age/nascent nature of this field of treatment, poor correspondence responsiveness and finally uncertainty as to their ability to prescribe Rapa/being hypersensitive about regulatory situation it was agreed to go separate ways.

Dr Green basically responded immediately to my request for guidance/supervision and was willing to assist remotely.

I intend to utilise his assistance initially and will happily update this forum when I have something worthwhile to add.


What guidance are you looking for? Dr. Greene’s dosing regimen is known. You can get blood tests and follow the numbers as well as any doctor. You’ll likely stay on top of your health better than any other doctor, so why throw money at Dr Greene or any other doc for that matter (provided you’re otherwise healthy)?

I’m not much in the way of self-medicating, particularly for therapies/interventions that are experimental. Its simply to have someone to discuss various approaches/options (and I do not necessarilly want to follow his standard dosing regime), who presumably has the time to stay on top of the latest research and ideas (which I do not given my career), who can respond should I have any concerns around how I am reacting to the medication and with whom I can discuss my lifestyle more broadly. Its like having a medical consultant. There may come a time when I feel this is no longer required and I have a decent grip on my rapa regime, but until then I prefer caution and expertise to my somewhat novice approach.

I also understand he has a fair no of doctors and scientists among his patients. Surely they see value in consulting an expert, despite their own technical backgrounds.

This is a good option when you can’t find a doctor close to you:

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Thank you kindly, but I believe they are only for US based users. Also just to flag, I have no issue souring the rapa. The ideal is cheap and cheerful generic rapa from India (which I have been able to procure fairly easily) together with occassional doctor consults (and remote ones work out to being cheaper as well) until such a time as I feel sufficiently secure in my regime. In some ways finding a doc who is happy to serve me remotely and is fine with me acquiring my own rapa is the best option from a cost perspective!

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Yes - sorry, online rapamycin prescriptions/doctor consultations are only available in the USA right now (from what I’ve heard).

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Yes I think I tried to access this service when I was in the US last a few months ago–I do not believe it allowed me to input an extra US address, and provding a local familial residence was of no use to me for obv reasons. One of their founders reached out to me asking if I had any further queries to complete my order and when I asked about international services I did not recieve a response :laughing:I mean the regulatory hurdles must be quite imposing so fair enough.

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