Allan Green-Your Experience

No. None of that. Not sure why it would be different.

Can you share the advice given?

When I saw Dr. Green in July 2022 he required multiple blood tests from me prior to the first visit. I had just gotten a comprehensive set of blood tests from inside tracker, but it did not include an insulin test. So he made me redo my basic blood panel and take an insulin test at the same time. So anyone criticizing him for not requiring medical tests is off-base.

I think your experience was a result of your young age. He spent more than two hours with me in my initial consult. I found him very thorough and very knowledgeable. He did not recommend dasatinib to me, possibly because I was younger than 65. I would have been interested if he had.

Thank you @zazim for expounding on your experience. It appears from the record here that he does somewhat tailor the approach to the specific person (which I never doubted) based on a range of possible metrics and that while I did not have a battery of tests prior to receiving the green light-I presume due to younger age and general state of health mentioned herein-others certainly have.

While another user did say Dr Green was “remiss” in not having me do tests prior, I don’t think tone here has been too off base. Of the actual doctors who eventually responded to my enquiries 2/3 would have wanted some form of pre-start tests, of which 1 would not work with me due to distance, the other I decided to avoid as they were pushing a whole host of additional “longevity” services that I didn’t care for. I was a tad surprised by Dr Green not requesting any blood tests of me, but as I say I can only speak to my specific situation and that I was comfortable with his advice nevertheless. I will continue to seek his advice for as long as he makes himself available to me.

Transparency is important on this site if we are to keep the community informed and there will be differing opinions as to the wisdom of particular courses of action, which is to be expected. I started this particular thread as Dr Green is clearly a popular doctor in this field-if not THE doctor of choice-and would be beneficial to share experiences.


The fascinating part is that he was willing to meet with you by telephone. I think that is because you live outside of the United States. I believe that he requires anyone living in the United States, including Hawaii, to have an in person initial visit. Subsequent visits can be remote once the doctor-patient relationship is established.


Yes indeed. He did say that he was worried about Americans receiving proper medical treatment when residing in less developed countries, or something to that effect. I surmise he was applying the fundamental point behind that rationale (providing medical advice to Americans abroad) to myself, as I live in a fairly developed country. It is quite interesting though as I’m MUCH closer to him than any poor fool in Hawaii. :person_shrugging:t5: I shan’t complain.