Alex K. Chen metabolic / CGM progress (my "everything in longevity" thread)

mango has more % sucrose than any fruit. not too ripe

I am going to try 50mg empagliflozin next to see if anything different happens. For me that’s ~ 1mg/kg (i am 45kg)

Pharmacokinetic analyses showed empagliflozin was rapidly absorbed after oral administration, with a median tmax ranging from 1.5 to 2.1 hours across the dose groups

These averages are not much different from prior to consuming these things…

Friend helped me order a general Tso’s tofu dish at restaurant but holy crap the spike.

I took taurine

Both spikes just from the general tso’s tofu


@AlexKChen Alex,

Imho, I’d be careful with such high doses of Empagliflozin based on reports about potential side-effects of which the risks seem to increase with increasing doses.

770 calories of catalina crunch + 1 slimcado, zero effect on glucose 1.5 hrs in

I just looked back at this thread and I had insane insulin sensitivity back in February when I visited Colorado (even though I was VERY insulin-insensitive the turn of the year back in January). I really wonder what happened… i still remember the baguette I ate that did not increase my glucose at all. It’s worth noting that I did shrooms in Colorado, but that probably did not affect my readings. It could be relevant that O2 in Denver is 20% less than at sea-level AND there is substantial evidence that people at higher-altitudes are more insulin-sensitive (that’s why CO has such low obesity rates - maybe me growing up in CO [despite a shitty non-veg rice-heavy Asian diet in CO] is part of the necessary secret to my non-ending youth) => I do not think the effect size is that large

[FOR THREAD CONTEXT - I WAS IN COLORADO FEB16-20]. It may just be coincidence, but my incredibly amazing glucose levels in this thread coincided with those dates…

[right now my insulin sensitivity is not the worst but I get unusually large/thick spikes even with empagliflozin AND metformin AND semaglutide combined]

I am going to try peach/nectarine/granny smith apple tomorrow. Yesterday I tried mango + two bananas + acarbose, but that still spiked my BG (the two bananas did it way more than the mango). If empagliflozin is not that effective on me, I need to move onto the high-sucrose fruits w/acarbose. OH cantaloupe has high sucrose, wow…

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One dragonfruit with acarbose


I ate two granny Smith apples yesterday and they only increased BG by 20

No recent empagliflozin

acarbose + 350 calories of mashed pinto beans = zero increase. acarbose + mango = 10 pts increase.

While I continue to test foods on this CGM, I’m going to try steel cut oats + acarbose and bread + acarbose again just so I have the full spectrum of foods (plus wouldn’t it be SO great if I actually CAN eat sandwiches again!) Not that I would eat them on my own (why eat grain when you can eat beans) but I would be able to advise other people better + be less picky when with others + know what to eat if the only choice left is between grain and low-sucrose fruit. Acarbose is cheap as dirt so this feels VERY liberating.

(this also gives a route for a very low-protein diet, since beans have more protein than grains)

Michael Gregor is also pro-grain - it would be nice for him to be consistently right enough for me to recommend him w/o qualifying.

ALSO I need to try corn, long-grain brown rice (Long Grain Brown Rice - 1lb - Good & Gather™ : Target ), and chickpea pasta

lol the pinto beans had zero effect


The role of grains, processed & unprocessed? - Page 2 - CR Practice - CR Society Forum => I FINALLY WANT TO TRY THIS AT LAST

also I want to be able to eat yams again!

had a pad thai order, split into 3 (with acarbose). the increase was prolonged and only roughly 30-35 pts. The last 1/3 of it did not even increase BG. I did it to test for a friend.

3 kiwi fruit => increased BG by 24 and it quickly went down (did not register as spike)

fasting BG has been roughly 75. I have been on empagliflozin. Idk what it would be without - I’ll see.

raw black rice does not increase BG by much either (with acarbose), but need to try unraw, b/c raw is rough on my teeth.

will now take rapamycin 20mg + grapefruit w/acarbose => this produced zero BG increase. finally got my siroboon package today - it’s way more compact than rapacan

grapefruit had a nasty aftertaste that I had to fill in with mango

2 mangos only increased from 86 to 105 (then quick decrease).

God, among the fruits, the berries have been the worst for me. This is counter to everything I’ve seen and read from others.

As I have posted elsewhere; empagliflozin has had very little effect on either my fasting blood sugar or spikes after eating carbohydrates. Acarbose has a much higher efficacy on blood sugar levels.

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I have been interested in trying empagliflozin but After reading these reports It seems ineffective. Why would that be? Is it possible you have a bad generic? The medication is supposed to reduce BG so other than a bad generic why would it not keep BG low?

Good question.
Maybe it’s because I don’t have type II diabetes.
Maybe the dosage isn’t big enough.
Maybe my body chemistry is different.

My fasting glucose before Jardience/empagliflozin 25mg tablet was taken twice daily =~99mg/dL, after ~99mg/dL, and did nothing for peaks as far as I could tell.
Acarbose on the other hand at a 50mg tablet taken right before a meal drastically reduces peaks.

I am experimenting with acarbose at the moment. Because I am on TRF and a relatively low-carb diet, my morning fasting glucose tends to be in the range of ~99 to 102 mg/dL. This morning I took a 50 mg tablet with black coffee, and no food, and it dropped my fasting glucose to 83mg/dl.

Tonight I am going to try a 50mg tablet on an empty stomach right before going to bed and see what my early morning fasting glucose level is.
Sorry, I am taking 25mg of Jardience/empagliflozin, not 10 mg.

FWIW: These are the brands I am taking. When the Jardience runs out, I won’t be re-ordering.

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Corn WITH ACARBOSE, 25 points

No recent empagliflozin. Two mangoes yesterday produced brief spike. Today only beans so far. MAYBE THE RAPAMYCIN REDUCED MY BG (I still have 6 days left on this thing so I will see if this is sustained)

I definitely felt fatigue/stuffiness at BG levels below 70. It’s not hard to healthily reverse low BG levels (tomato juice).

360 calories of colavita diced tomatoes. Ugh… Will add olive oil next time to see if it blunts

(no empagliflozin either, looks like the spike is now down just as much as with empag)

ate a huge meal of grainmaker somerville after and zero glycemic response

Fasting BG has often been in the 70s lately, I wonder what happened.

I have reduced calorie consumption A LOT over the past month (it’s not that hard with nut milks…) Probably to CR levels half the time.

I did get a shipment of Koroneiki EVOO lately - I’ll add it to the diced tomatoes to see if it reduces the glycemic response.