Alcohol Consumption

Absolutely - alcohol does a great job of decreasing blood sugar (as long as not taking sugar containing drinks).
One of the most impactful studies I’ve read on this topic of alcohol use is this one:

It is interesting that the MRI findings on brain recover modestly in the first week of abstinence, then from 1 week to 1 month more recovery happens and by ~7 months a very substantial recovery of brain thinning.

The areas that repair in the first month, and especially the first week of abstinence have to do with areas that will have you want to drink more alcohol. So making it through a week of abstinence is a lot of work - then by a month, probably easier to maintain.

Anyway - I doubt that the brain effects that may be negative are mitigated by other chemicals. Along with that …. People have to live and have fun. If this is part of someone’s quality of life and enjoyment … go to it, as long as it is bringing good things to you.

For many it doesn’t, but for some it does. I’d guess it does uniformly decrease life and healthspan … but for some not drinking decreases quality of life …


I have found it interesting recently that my MCV has been going down even though I have been drinking a bit more than normally. (although the last couple of days have been on the wagon). I think that is because I have been taking melatonin before drinking.


I’d make sure iron studies are stable, as generally the opposite is the case with alcohol as it suppresses hepcidin and has you absorb more iron and due to multiple mechanisms should drive your MCV up or keep it stable.
A dropping MCV can be an early sign of occult blood loss … and I’d generally think looking at Ferritin, Transferrin Sat, Serum Fe and make sure nothing has happened to suggest some losses … just as a precaution — if you’ve not already done that … as you monitor everything very thoroughly.


Serum Fe is OK. Ferritin coming down over a period is IMO a good thing. If anything my alcohol consumption is lower now than historically.

MCV has been on the higher side, but with taking melatonin before drinking it seems to be under better control.

I am intending to have a period of abstinence in the near future, but that will wait for a bit.

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It depends if Ferritin and Transferrin sat coming down - that can be worrisome for blood loss … Iron studies are complicated and as much as Ferritin in a situation of inflammation can elevate— a dropping ferritin can be due to dropping iron stores.


Obviously I have some blood loss from weekly blood tests. Most are 10ml, but one is 24ml.

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More information from the UK Biobank on the impact of alcohol on organ aging. The impact seems to be almost as bad as smoking, at least for some organs (though red wine seems to get a pass).

This is from the recent Eric Topol writeup on organ aging research:

The Third Study

We’re back to Tony Wyss-Corsay and colleagues with a recent preprint of their study of 44,000 UK Biobank participants, 3,000 plasma proteins, for 11 organ-specific clocks. This work fully replicated their earlier publication but again there were a notable extension of findings.

Seen below is the relationship of various interventions including smoking, alcohol, moderate or vigorous exercise, foods on organ-specific age gaps.


I love LDN, I started it while in fertility treatment (not in treatment anymore) and continue 4.5mg now. A warning is if you are hypothyroid esp Hashimoto get everything retested after 4-6 weeks.

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