AGING BIOLOGY UPDATE (Newsletter from Steve Austad's group)

This is a free, periodic journal listing of articles that Steve and his group think are noteworthy:

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Challenges in developing healthy aging trials

Naked mole-rat gene increases healthspan in mice

Contrary or Null Findings
Neither GDF11 nor GDF8 are linked to heart failure in older adults

Larval diet alters fecundity-longevity relationship and gene expression in female flies

Cellular allostatic load is linked to increased energy expenditure and accelerated biological aging

Basic Biology
Heteroplasmic mt DNA single nucleotide variants accumulate with age

Tubular lysosome induction couples animal starvation to healthy aging in C. elegans

Exposure to youthful circulation extends life and health in mice

cGAS-STING signaling drives age-related inflammation and neurodegeneration in mice

Untangling effects of anti-aging drugs and bacterial food on C. elegans using liposomes

Retrotransposons hijack alt-EJ for DNA replication and eccDNA biogenesis

Increased protein translation associated long-lasting negative impacts on aging in flies

Senescent cell phenotyping reveals targets of senolytic therapy in the aged murine skeleton

Earlier age at menopause is associated with shorter leukocyte telomere length and elevated cardiovascular risk

HIF-1 drives placental aging

Education as a key factor in longevity

Multivariate genome-wide analysis of aging-related traits

Exosomes secreted by mesenchymal stem cells delay brain aging in male accelerated aging mice

Aging impairs differentiation ability of vascular endothelial stem cells in mice

Genome-wide analysis identifies novel loci and new drug targets for healthy aging

Ether lipid biosynthesis promotes extended longevity in worms

Platelet factors enhance cognition in mice I

Platelet factors enhance cognition in mice II

A novel immune modulator controls longevity in flies

Genetic variants on chromosome region 9p21.3 associated with extreme longevity in Ashkenazi

Review: Does early life adversity have adverse long-term health consequences in long-lived social mammals?

Review: Do longevity genes work by reducing hypertension?

Improvement in cognition with lifestyle intervention in people with cognitive decline

Poor balance slows gait and increases energy cost of walking

Review: Geroscience can contribute to therapeutic strategies for older adults with cardiovascular diseases

Review: Could dietary restriction reduce periodontal disease?

Review: Hallmarks of aging in people living with HIV

Comparative Biology/Evolution
DNA methylation patterns associated with longevity in mammals

Apolipoprotein-ε4 associated with higher fecundity among the Tsimane people of Bolivia

Resting heart rate, somatic mutations and aging in mammals

Evolution of cancer-resisting and autophagy genes associated with long life in mammals

Universal DNA methylation age across mammalian tissues

Postreproductive female killer whales provide protection for male offspring

Preprint: Diet, plasma glucose, longevity and cancer prevalence across vertebrates

Review: Diverse strategies prevent cancer in large, long-lived mammals

Review: Thyroid hormones and the evolution of human longevity

Novel Organisms/Ecology
Female gray seals’ reproductive investment positively correlated with longevity

Epigenetic aging in cows is accelerated by milk production

Emerging Models
Novel primate model for the study of Alzheimer’s disease

Geroscience and climate science: Oppositional or complementary?

Odd and Ends
Apartment-dwelling Turkish dogs shorter-lived than those living in single family homes

Does tourism contribute to healthy aging


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