After two weeks treatment

Started two weeks ago with rapamycin. 1mg initially and 2mg second week.
I may be one of those who is sensitive to it.
First week was uneventful for the most part. Had a slight headache the day of.
The second week has been interesting. I developed a mouth sore and contracted some sort of respiratory virus that’s been pretty rough. Went to doc Friday who tested for strep and covid, both were negative. Infection seems more serious than common cold. Was put on doxycycline and a steroid.
Can’t say if Rapa helped or hurt severity or outcome of respiratory infection.
I skipped the week three dose of rapa, will wait about a month and try to titrate slower next time.


How much do you weigh? For most of us 2mg isn’t noticeable. Are you male or female?

2 mg a week shouldn’t do much in terms of immune system reduction (common dosing for transplant patients is 2mg per day), so it could have just been a co-incidence with the respiratory virus.

But - yes, a break is a good idea, and see how it goes when you return. Perhaps stay at 1mg/week for a few weeks before increasing, and at each step when you increase.


6’3” 240 male.
Weight train pretty regularly.
I suspect the virus was coincidental/unrelated.
Not sure about mouth sore.

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The mouth sore is highly likely to be rapamycin related; its the most common side effect we all see on rapamycin.

But I only had a mouth sore once, and never again at much higher doses, so getting a mouth sore once doesn’t mean much.


Thanks for the info. I’m sure it won’t discourage me from trying again in the near future.

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What I did to slow the ramp even more than the 1 mg/week was to do repeated dosing at the same level for two weeks in a row prior to increasing, eg.

wk 1: 1 mg
wk 2: 1 mg
wk 3: 2 mg
wk 4: 2 mg
wk 5: 3 mg

I felt like it worked pretty well to get my body used to it. I didn’t develop a mouth sore until about 5 months in after being at 6 mg/wk steady for quite a while.


Thanks, may give that a try.

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