After Two Weeks Rapamycin Treatment

Started two weeks ago with rapamycin. 1mg initially and 2mg second week.
I may be one of those who is sensitive to it.
First week was uneventful for the most part. Had a slight headache the day of.
The second week has been interesting. I developed a mouth sore and contracted some sort of respiratory virus that’s been pretty rough. Went to doc Friday who tested for strep and covid, both were negative. Infection seems more serious than common cold. Was put on doxycycline and a steroid.
Can’t say if Rapa helped or hurt severity or outcome of respiratory infection.
I skipped the week three dose of rapa, will wait about a month and try to titrate slower next time.


How much do you weigh? For most of us 2mg isn’t noticeable. Are you male or female?

2 mg a week shouldn’t do much in terms of immune system reduction (common dosing for transplant patients is 2mg per day), so it could have just been a co-incidence with the respiratory virus.

But - yes, a break is a good idea, and see how it goes when you return. Perhaps stay at 1mg/week for a few weeks before increasing, and at each step when you increase.


6’3” 240 male.
Weight train pretty regularly.
I suspect the virus was coincidental/unrelated.
Not sure about mouth sore.

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The mouth sore is highly likely to be rapamycin related; its the most common side effect we all see on rapamycin.

But I only had a mouth sore once, and never again at much higher doses, so getting a mouth sore once doesn’t mean much.


Thanks for the info. I’m sure it won’t discourage me from trying again in the near future.

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What I did to slow the ramp even more than the 1 mg/week was to do repeated dosing at the same level for two weeks in a row prior to increasing, eg.

wk 1: 1 mg
wk 2: 1 mg
wk 3: 2 mg
wk 4: 2 mg
wk 5: 3 mg

I felt like it worked pretty well to get my body used to it. I didn’t develop a mouth sore until about 5 months in after being at 6 mg/wk steady for quite a while.


Thanks, may give that a try.

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So I gave it a break and then restarted rapa this past Saturday. Will go slower this time with 1MG per week for 3-4 weeks before increasing. Keeping fingers crossed.


After this last post I did rapa at 2 mg or less for about another month.
I then decided to discontinue because of what I felt were reactions to a lower immunity.
Since i started rapa, i definitely have experienced more than usual respiratory issues. Ive had pretty constant sinusitis, and even caught flu type A about a month ago. Before that I had an RSV type experience with fever, etc. also had high fever with flu.
I already know some will say no one has has issues at that low dose, etc. and that is fine, all are entitled to their opinions. But in my opinion what illness ive experienced this winter is due to a lowered immune response.

I did take the flu vaccine last October and have taken it for years. The last bout of flu I had was around 25 to 27 years ago.
I do not doubt the data that many had a better response to covid, etc. even though my experience has not been ideal.

I do plan to try again late spring when respiratory viruses, etc are lower in the population.


I’m new here but I am a biochemist.

What we must keep in mind is that rapamycin is going to force cells to purify your tissues. That means a lot of toxins are going to be released into your blood to eventually be removed from the body.

Therefore I question this “concept” of being sensitive to it. Rather it means your body is detoxing and needs support to help it get the toxins out.

Try hot and cold baths to purge the lymph or back off doses and use charcoal tablets between meals to absorb the toxins and let your natural body mechanisms catch up on the work load. :slight_smile:


It sounds like you got a cold. I’m not sure on any doctor who orders Strep and Covid tests simultaneously. Strep is an isolated sore throat with pus on the tonsils, no cough, no runny nose. Covid is snotty nose, cough, +/- sore throat, no pus on the tonsils – just usual viral syndrome. If one tests for both simultaneously, I have no idea what is going on as I can teach a grade school child to sort out isolated sore throat/pus on tonsils, no respiratory symptoms or snotty nose vs. usual viral constellation of symptoms.
Then getting put on doxycycline for a viral syndrome? Steroids don’t help colds, but can increase risk of sepsis, thromboembolism and fractures in the next 30 days.
I do see this type of practice all the time which is a problem in modern medical education.
I agree with RapAdmin - it would seem like 1 mg or 2 mg would be unlikely to have anything to do with what occurred. However, everyone is unique.
Sounds like you got a viral illness, with bad timing, and likely unrelated to taking Rapamycin.
Again, just my guess, not a medical assessment or advice.


Thanks for your perspective.
IIRC i told the doc my grandaughter had visited, was sick, and was diagnosed with strep at aboth the same time. Seems he prescribed the antibiotic due to that and the possibilty strep with pus pockets could develop.
I guess you missed my later post about having the flu the first time in 25 yrs, after a higher dose of vaccine.
Still could be coincidental, but could also be evidence that rapamycin isn’t a help for me.
Regardless, I recently resumed rapa, today marks my third dose of weekly at 1mg. Will add another mg next week.
So far all is well.

Interesting. Will keep that in mind in the future, especially around flu season

It’s rough to know causation, and hopefully you do well. Incidentally, there is no good medical reason in most situations to treat streptococcal pharyngitis — I know sounds blasphemy - but for a good evidence based review of this, if interested you can look under RebelEM Streptococcal Pharyngitis for a good evidence based review on this topic. Just another area we overtreat and medicalize something that doesn’t require treatment. There are some exceptions - but they are few.
Everyone’s immune system is different, I’m on 8 mg of Rapamycin every 8 days, and have had no issues. I’m also in the room, with no protection, looking in the throats and being coughed on by at least 20 people weekly with influenza, covid, and other respiratory viruses. Haven’t had any significant symptomatic illness for 18 months - in regard to any significant cold or flu. The level of exposure I get is repetitive, and my experience has been no adverse impact of Rapamycin for me.
There are people that have opposite and unexpected effects to almost everything. There is also coincidence in time, not being causation - but it could be. Hopefully it ends up just being bad luck in your case and you don’t have another flu for another 25 years!
I apologize if I was in anyway abrupt - the overuse of antibiotics and use of simultaneous viral and bacterial respiratory testing is something that I have my own personal annoyance with my profession with …



You know that makes complete sense. And yet in the 3 and a 1/2 years of doing rapamycin typically at night. Then, going to bed. I’ve never internalized how much water I need to be taking the next day to flush my system and actually over the next 3 days while the rapamycin molecules are influencing cell autophagy.

Just as when you would have a manual medicine treatment or body adjustment. You typically need to drink a lot of fluids to accommodate the toxins that have been released from your body and get your body set in healthy position… back to homeostasis.

Reset with fluids to function normally.

Great insight… I appreciate your comment, and will be drinking higher levels of water… post rapamycin dosing.


Indeed! Same physiology.

Are you the one who posted pictures of your veins pre and post taking R? I tried to find the post and could not. If you ARE the one, I wanted to mention, it’s probably best if you separate your ANABOLIC(building up) workouts from the R dosing. Rapamycin is a CATABOLIC(breakdown) stimulator. So if you are taking something that it trying to make your cells break down, while you are doing activity to tell the cells to BUILD - you’re creating a lot of cellular metabolic confusion. That may be why your veins were so dilated…

And if it was not you - never mind! Have a super day!


Yes… probably me. Lol.

My veins stay pumped pretty much 24/7… except post rapamycin dose… the next day… on that day my normally pumped veins deflate and I do not workout at gym or eat high protein until 44 hours later… then it is workout and steak dinner.

Prior to starting rapamycin my veins were always deep … hidden.

It was only after starting ramamycin that my veins cleared and popped my fat shredded, crepey skin vanished. I’m actually just muscles and blood veins. :muscle:

Curious about charcoal tablets post meals?
Never tried those… might need to get at my pharmacy. Thanks.


Thanks for the lead on strep, will check it out!
No apology necessary, I appreciate reading about your experience, thanks for sharing, sounds like you have some strong immunity!

How long exactly do you wait to exercise after a rapa dose? I try to work out on a MWF schedule. You think taking rapa on Sat would be good? Im currently taking it on Tuesday, but notice a little less energy. Also do trt twice per week. I need to get a good schedule nailed down obviously😆

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Gotcha Dutch!

I work out muscle resistance every other day - evenings after work.

I workout at 7pm … home at 9pm… grill a steak for dinner… then about 11pm take 2 mg rapamycin with GFJ (one fresh red grapefruit squeezed - makes 5 fluid ounces).

I am always a little groggy… slow the next morning… until noon. I don’t work out… my off day… and workout … a day later in the evening… so about 44 hours later workout and have a steak.

I do my TRT cypionate 3 days after rapamycin. 200 mg… 1 ml injection. So it is well after my rapa trough hits below 1.

So yes Saturday sounds good if you always do a MWF workout… do TRT on Tuesday.

There you go. I am starting to take charcoal capsules post rapamycin between meals with lots of water to clear toxins of autophagy.

Just so happens today is rapamycin night… so gym… steak… rapamycin.