Acarbose source and price

Not sure if this is a good price or not but a total of $177.80 for 1000 50mg tabs.
If that is seen as a good price let me know and I can provide the source. If there is a better price please share source.

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You are aware if you order more than a 90 day supply.There is a higher probability package will be stopped by US customs.

As larger than 90 day supply customs consider this redistribution/resale quantity.

1,000 tablets at Walmart cost $208.08 cash payment with Discount Card on 16th of February, 2023


Doesn’t it require a prescription?

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Yes, it is not that is not difficult to get.


I pay less than 20.00 for a month supply from Amazon pharmacy for 50mg three times a day. If you explain to you GP doc why you want it. Many will prescribe due to low systemic absorption and especially if you say you will pay out of pocket and not make them justify it to the insurance company. Not sure if this will work outside of the USA.


You cost from Costco is approximately $222 for 1000 50mg tablets. My cost was $177, not the biggest deal non the less. Unless it gets stopped at customs due to its size.

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That price is reasonable, but importing that quantity could be an issue. I recommend you read this thread: Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (pt 2)


Then you lose $177.00 to try saving $30.00. Not included your time.

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Joseph, I used this source for my rapamycin, they were very responsive and reasonable, got the meds at a good price and fast delivery. I probably could have gotten a prescription from one of my doctors and I am a Costco member, but ordering online and using Wise is convenient.


RapAdmin, I love this website for all the invaluable information. You are doing a great job and a wonderful service for us early adaptors. How old are you? I might be one of the better guinea pigs being 80. And Scooter is 10 and is in the TRIAD study of the Dog Aging Project. I am suspect that he is on med and not the placebo.


How did you get your prescription?

What is the source. Thank you!

No prescription needed: (Got the rapamycin and acarbose from them)
Mention my name if you use them.
Name: Forveda Online Private Limited
Account number: 257070444440
Bank Name: INDUSIND BANK LTD (payment method)
Branch: Nagpur
Branch Code: 0025
IFSC code: INDB0000025
Country: India
City: Nagpur
Bank Address: Shri Swami Plaza
97, Ramdaspeth
City: Nagpur
State: Maharashtra

Thank you. I may compare them to others. Much appreciated.

Is it Hibose? Or what brand?

By all means, let us know if there is better less expensive source.

Here in Hong Kong I can get 1000 100 mg for 255 USD. Is taking 100 mg at a time too much???