Acarbose - Dosing, Use, and Buying Experiences

I drink about 3/4 gallon of skim milk daily, which is probably part of the problem.


Is it just me or does the gastrointestinal stuff with Acarbose come on at the end of the day? Like even if I take it in the morning I seem to notice it more in the evening. Is that a thing?

FWIW: There seem to be a variety of reactions to acarbose.
As a non-diabetic, I have taken metformin for decades. (no longer because of my age)
In the last year, I have tried acarbose and empagliflozin, and I am currently taking Inovokana (canagliflozin) and consider it to be by far the best at keeping my blood sugar range below 100. I find canagliflozin to be completely side-effect-free.
It usually keeps my fasting glucose to be ~90mg/dL. This morning it is at 84mg/dL three hours after waking while still fasting. I am currently doing 18/6 TRF.
I really am impressed by Inovocana. For me, it works so much better than the rest.
For some people in the forum, it had some side effects including fatigue. I have not experienced this so far. It was such a relief after struggling with acarbose.
I obtained Ivocana from India via Jagdish Nikose.

The price was $240 dollars for 300, 100mg tablets. It is much more expensive than acarbose, but I think it is worth it. I take many supplements and I am extremely happy when I find one that really works for me. If you are having any problems with acarbose I would give canagliflozin a try.
I should also mention that it is extremely good at preventing large glucose spikes.

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I quickly gave up 1/2 a gallon of milk a day in my late teens to get closer to 4,000 cal per day - realized I was lactose intolerant - although relatively nonspecific if you care to look into it - perhaps try a stool osmotic gap?

Maybe if one wants to add extra calories consider adding bananas, mixed nuts, and protein powder smoothies as a suggestion?


Could the longevity effects of Acarbose be attributed to calorie restriction from all the effing bloat killing hunger lol

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I did 100mg of Acarbose this morning but i tried it sublingually. No GI issues. Does it work sublingually though?

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I don’t think it works sublinqually - it has to get into the intestine where the food is to work. The best way to do that I’ve heard is to chew the tablets with the first bites of the meal (or just before you eat).



I knew it had to be too good to be true. Not sure I can manage the bloat and discomfort on a daily basis.

I think I will try Canagliflozin and see how that goes

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Has anyone calculated out what the human equivalent dosage would be for Acarbose, from the ITP study on mice?

The best source for Acarbose India?

I don’t know about the 'best source". I just ask for quotes and available brands from about half a dozen providers from the list and go with what seems like the best deal: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

I email them with a message something like:

Please provide me a pricing quote and what brands you provide for:
300 tablets of 50mg Acarbose medication
300 tablets of 100mg Acarbose medication

Please also provide shipping cost for these to XYZ country via India Speedpost EMS
If this shipment gets stopped by US customs, do you provide a free re-shipment?
Do you accept payment via money transfer service?

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Same. Started canagliflozin recently after watching Bill Falloon’s recent RAADFest presentation. Even with acarbose and metformin, my fasting glucose was 92 and A1C rising slowly to 6.2. Giving this a try.

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Been on 25mg per meal (which is 2x a day) for 22days. Definitely had some gas to start. That has tapered off by 80-90%. I may increase to 50mg to try that out. So far so good. Other than my blood glucose levels which definitely are leveled out (per monitor), I feel better-ish and perhaps it is in my head but I look a little better in the mirror, skin tone, etc. So far liking the rapa 4 or 6mg per week and acarbose combo. Seems the studies that say better together are right (at least for me, now).


I’m new to this forum and really like the content and info. Been taking Rapacan for about one year and i see great benefits especially with less inflammation (have an auto immune condition) and now would like to start acarbose also (never taken it before). Can someone suggest a reliable Indian pharmacy where i can get Acarbose? Plus, can someone elaborate on different names, brands and which is recommended (if you been taking and see good results). Thank you in advance.


Hi Tom,
Good for you… the combo Rapamycin and Acarbose seems solid. My gut biome seems in a healthier place with Acarbose at each meal… to be honest healthy … consistent stools. True.

I got my doctor to prescribed it… pretty easy… so can’t help on an off shore pharmacy.

You might just ask your General Practioner and see if you can go that route.

I was on Metformin… first… not a good experience for me… while others do great on it. I was fatigued and had diarrhea constantly with it.

Asked my GP to switch me to Acarbose… no big deal… he did … 90 pills $10 through my local pharmacy. World of difference. Feel great…will do a full blood test in April to see how glucose is looking.


Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, I use metformin here and there, but I don’t like it that much. It definitely messes up my ability to exercise, and for some reason I feel as if I am a smaller me lol (not in a good way, but like less powerful) that’s why I wanted to try Acarbose. Honestly, I am one of those people that never goes to a doctor and literally have never been to one in my whole adult life. last 40 years. I take quite a few supplements and eat mostly organic and never drink more than one drink and stopped smoking 26 years ago. I never had a flu or been sick in my whole life either(i do get inflammation if i consume legumes, and i found out on my own that i may have a bit of auto immune issue, but nothing extreme). I just know exactly what is good and what is bad and just go for the good stuff and stay away from bad, and this has kept me away from a doctor clinic. I only did a blood test when i reached 50 through a walk-in clinic (for the heck of it) and the Doc said the results were perfect for 20-year-old let alone 50. The only thing i remember was a bit low (for my liking) was testosterone 460, but I don’t have any symptoms of low T. I’m just fine in that department lol, The doc said that is within the normal range, though I personally would have liked it to be 600 and up…

I was wondering if the $10 you paid was with insurance or cash price?

I think I pay full price… maybe a bit of insurance deduction. But, Metformin was cheap too.

…$15 with GoodRX. Cheap… for what it does.

got it thanks. Yeah, pretty cheap for a medication that seems to have a bunch of other benefits (apart from diabetes). now I have to go on a mission to find a cheap way to get a prescription lol? Anyone, has any idea?

milk is not good for adult humans especially the regular store-bought milk. A2 milk is a bit better, but not in large quantities, and sheep’s milk is really good but impossible to find in US. Nevertheless, store bought milk is a hormone killer in men, with cancer causing properties potential. Stay away unless you find A2 organic milk or sheep’s/goat’s milk (though goats milk tastes like shit, unless it is from a pigmy or Nigerian).

Depends some on how it’s treated, but I’ve had bad pygmy goat milk too. We milked Nubians for 20 years and drank it raw and it was wonderful. While we had kids, therefore free labor. They are not a trouble free hobby.

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