A Rapamycin Celebrity Joins Us

I wanted to welcome a new forum member who is a bit of a rapamycin celebrity to our group.

Welcome @AjaiSehgal and thanks for sharing the story about the development of rapamycin in the podcast below. It demonstrates, I believe, the importance of bending the rules a bit sometimes… and the value of persistence and curiosity.

For those unfamiliar with Ajai, he is the son of the famous researcher Suren Sehgal who discovered, named, and most importantly, led the commercialization of rapamycin while at Ayerst / Wyeth pharmaceuticals.

If you haven’t already listened to it i encourage you to listen to this podcast on the origin of rapamycin

A very good podcast on the history of rapamycin:

And more information and the worlds first rapamycin paper, and a book on the expedition that discovered rapamycin here in this thread The Discovery of Rapamycin - The first paper that started it all (1975)


Welcome @AjaiSehgal ! It’s good to have you in the site.

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Hi, Ajai! I’m new to the group and new to rapa (just took my first dose last Sunday; taking my second one in a few hours–both 1mg for now, 'til I get my bearings), and I want to welcome you! Looking forward to learning from you. Yours truly, Denise

Welcome to this great site Agai , I too am new to Rapamycin ,unfortunately I cannot take it until I get my glucose levels back to normal.