A 39-year-old who says his 'biological age' is 26 shares his protein smoothie recipe


Another person looking for 10 minutes of fame.

You will pickup a smoothie-recipe.

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Even on those low resolution pic I can see he has a lot of wrinkles and a graying beard


Be nice, remember that he is one of those fragile cancer-children, who should just hear how special and fantastic they are! (26 not 27) :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Also, he has a rough collie. :grinning:


Someone contact him and recommended he give his dog rapamycin.



Another story about him

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I am not looking forward to the backlash against all this as longevity gets more exposure.

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Did you think that was not going to occur?

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Hahaha… biological age of 26… chronological age 39.

Then biological age of 23…chronological age of 39. He is going down fast.

10 minutes of fame.

I want my 10 minutes.

Biological age 45 to 47 (based on biological testing) chronological age 65 years. Twenty years difference. Actually better and no green vegan smoothie. Pure grilled steak guy.

Anticipated aging first. Ouch!
Before Rapamycin. Fat face.
3-years after using. Better.

Anticipated aging.

3-years ago. Before Rapamycin. Chronological age 62 years.

Recent pic after 3-years of rapamycin. And, 2 years of rapamycin skin cream. Chronological age 65 years.

So we have my grandpa, my dad… and me!


You are the rapamycin spokesperson.

*Definitely the most interesting man in world."

Even Jonathan Goldsmith had to capitulate.


I think that’s TRT, not rapa. And I wish I could take it, too! I need more bone in my jaw.

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Actually, I was doing TRT a full year before I started rapa, so I’ve been on TRT 4-years. Had a lot more marbelized muscle… not much else.

The youthful changes really started with rapa and. TRT combination. The 2 are definitely working well together…for me. The shredded look, neck improvement…changing skin was definitely the rapa.

Not too mention energy, memory improvement and euphoria.


Great pics and great motivation!

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Looking good and youthful! Are you dying your hair/beard, or have you actually achieved a reversal in hair color?

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My experience on hair in the round is that I can achieve the reversal of the miniaturisation of a follicle. This involves potentially follicles starting up with new growth of a vellus hair, this hair can then become pigmented and grow in strength. Alternatively new pigmented hairs start up either really fine or quite strong (normally quite fine).

However, I have not seen a strong white hair change pigment yet.


Hello Leonard,
Yes and no… lol.

Since being on Rapamycin my hair is coming in solid black. My pubic hair did a reversal and is solid brown… no gray. Also my arm hair is thick and dark.

I do use a topical of minoxidil, metformin, finasteride and Resveratrol and EGCG…Green Tea capsules. It gives my hair a natural brown… with copper tints… my natural color.

To match my beard, I use SIMPLER… it goes on easy… doesn’t burn the skin and in 5 minutes have toned down grays that match my hair. Very pleased with SIMPLER… tried other beard coloring… too dark… and burns :fire: my skin for a few days after. SIMPLER is gentle… no skin issues.

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@Agetron Damn! Well done! Well done, I say!

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Thanks for the informative answer Agetron.

Very special ingredient in that cream, indeed - you make it seem so simple!

Do you only use finasteride topically? I’ve considered starting a low dose finasteride in order to achieve a more youthful ratio of T/DHT. A bit hesitant though. DHT seem to have some benefits to, just supposedly not so much for longevity… You can’t have it all the say…

Didn’t know that reservatol or EGCG was good for hair color reversal… will look in to it.

Tadalafil is supposed to give you more hair growth as a result of the improved blood circulation, and the rat study C-AKG showed better quality and darker color of hair if I remember right. But you probably take those two already?

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Hey buddy!

I have taken finasteride orally 5mg every other day for about 33 years - no issues and my urologist says I have a prostate the size of a 28 year old. Trust me… every year he has to comment - I can’t find it. Whoa - there it is! So he keeps me on finasteride.
Hahaha… yeah - no peeing issues here.

Same urologist told me maybe about two years ago to take a daily low dose of tadalafil 5mg for urinary health.


Actually. He’s the CEO of NOVOS.

It’s strange that it’s not mentioned.