5mg once a week or 10mg once every two weeks, with a one month break after 3 months

64 year old adult and generally health with normal BMI and no known health conditions.

I realize there has been a lot of talk on here over the years about dosage, but based on everything I have read I am considering these two options. Assuming no side effects with the 10mg (I don’t know yet as I only tried 5mg once a week so far), I would appreciate if the members here could give some suggestions as to which of these options they would choose:

Your choice
  • 5mg once a week
  • 10mg once every two weeks

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5 mg/wk and 10 mg/10 days would be equal dosing schedules theoretically, so 10mg/fortnight would give a peak twice as high but also lower troughs for longer, so less risk of mtorc2 suppression


Thanks for your advice. I’m hoping that as time goes by we can hear from others.

Richard, we’ve already polled many people on their dosing practices… you can see the results here (not sure if you’ve seen this already): What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

Fully updated info here: Rapamycin User Poll / Survey - Please Respond

Thanks, but I see those polls were back in 2021 and August 22, and the reults so far from a small number of people here look quite different. Let me know what you think, and maybe it’s time for a completely new 2023 poll, as things change very quickly these days.

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