3rd Party Testing?

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Sorry if this is a duplicate post to a previous discussion. I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a place we can send out drugs to for testing. I’d like to test the rapa I’m getting along with apremilast (name brand in the US is Otezla…I’m getting a generic) that I just started receiving from the same source for my psoriasis. Otezla worked wonders for me, but my health insurance situation changed and I’m no longer covered for it and I can get it far far far cheaper from India along with my rapa. If I’m going to be ordering both long term, I’d really like to make sure I’m getting good stuff.

What you are looking for is an Analytical chemistry lab, that ideally focuses on pharmaceutical analysis. They are hard to find, and most of them are working directly with other businesses (drug companies, pharmacies, companies, government, etc.), not individuals.

The company Valisure used to do it for consumers, but they’ve since pivoted towards just serving pharmacies and companies, govt., etc. You can see an example of their tests here: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

Here is another example of a lab evaluation of rapamycin, the powder in this situation: Sirolimus Powder - 3rd party analysis

Typically they are using either HPLC, or Mass Spec, as the method of analysis of the drug. They also look for common contaminants (but this is harder to do without knowing what to look for).

Every major city has their analytical chemistry labs. I have in the past tried to find some at a reasonable cost but typically they are in the $500 to $700 range. Perhaps if you know someone who works in an academic lab they may be able to help you at a lower cost.

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You can check your blood to see the Rapa level for $100. This proves both that the product is legit and your body is normal.


Ah right…that makes so much sense I’m a little disappointed that wasn’t my first thought. Thanks.