17 Alpha Estradiol: Use and Dosing Experiences

I’ve been in contact with the authors of this new paper below that just came out, and I’m thinking it might be valuable to talk with them and get some questions about this paper answered. If you’ve had a chance to review the paper and have some questions - please post them here in this thread.

Here is the full Macaque estradiol paper:

Assessing tolerability and physiological responses to 17α-estradiol administration in male rhesus macaques

Stout et al. 2023 (17a Macaques).pdf (915.8 KB)



6 march I got my blood test and on 8 march I started taking 2mg daily. After about a week I had hot feet at night, I normally only get this when it’s very hot, now it’s the end of winter here… Luckily only 1 night. I suspect this was an estrogen effect.

I will get another blood test 9 may because I have to go to my TRT doctor 19 may. I will post updates when I experience something.


Any updates on this?

What was your daily dose of 17a-estradiol and your weight/height?

(I started 17a-estradiol 10 days ago, 30mcg daily with Tanath’s formula applied throughout the day)

I’ll be excited to update the forum in 3 months with my bloodwork. Estrogen levels before 17a: 92.5pmol/l - 25.2ng/dl. not a sensitive test

I sadly didn’t measure IGF1 and GH.