Zydus passes Labcorp test

For those of you wondering about zydus, its enteric coating and it’s ability to get into the blood stream.

I had my doubts because it looks and feels different from my shiny rapamycin/siriolimus and rapamune triangular shaped pills.

Here are my impressive results.

I took two of my 2 mg zydus pills (4 mg total) with the juice of one fresh Red Grapefruit. Blood test at 2 hours post dose.

My trough was zero… hadn’t had any rapamycin for 2 weeks.

Results were 23.3 ng/mL.
Almost 6 times multiplication of dose with GFJ.

Safe to say zydus is real and potent. As I would expect since it is pharmaceutical grade rapamycin from my physician’s prescription.

Hence forth: 1 pill zydus 2mg with fresh GFJ is enough for 12 ng/mL


My man @Agetron - you didn’t believe me? :slight_smile: Its actually a good thing you didn’t now the sample size is N+2.


I’ll add my endorsement. Back in 2021 and 2022, I was taking 12 mg of Zydus with grapefruit or grapefruit juice every 2 or 3 weeks, not worrying about precision in the dosing intervals, and posted my April, 2022 lab result. Blood was drawn 2 hours after dosing. It was 68.3 ng/ml - the multiplier in close agreement with both of yours.

For no real reason other than it seemed I was pretty far out of line with what everyone else was doing, I took a few months vacation from rapamycin and am now doing 2 mg with grapefruit juice, once a week. Everything’s about like it was then, I guess - no side effects or benefits that I’ve noticed.


Yes… now that I have these results Dan… argonaut… and me… makes N=3. Our results match in test results.

I must have missed Dan’s post originally. I never thought about zydus as an option… until that was what I received from the pharmacy.

I am going to do one 2mg zydus pill with fresh GFJ… Which should give me 12 ng/mL. Will dose every 10 days.


You always supply useful reporting from your N-1. Many thanks and few questions…

  • How much grapefruit juice do you take with the rapamycin?

  • Any thoughts on whether one should adjust the “dose” of GF juice relative to the “dose” of rapamycin?

  • Have you tried bottled or frozen GF juice, or different varieties of fresh GF juice?

Looking to standardize variables as much as possible;-)

Thanks again


Personally I prefer the taste and positive results from one Red Grapefruit I buy for approx $1.18 at Wal-Mart produce. I quarter and squeeze the slices through a strainer and get about 5 fluid ounces. Which I take with my 2 mg pill - together one big gulp. It is plenty for the 6 times multiplication increase of my rapamycin/siriolimus/rapamune/zydus dose.

I have also in the past used the Simply Brand GFJ (although pasteurized - it is not an issue) and gotten the same 6 times increase results.

I know others on this site eat a grapefruit hours or a day before and then another an hour before and another with the dose and then one more an hour after ther dose.

OMG… too much GFJ and too complicated for me. So I don’t think quantity of GFJ matters (5 oz. or 20 oz.) in increasing the dose potential… based on my one little 5 oz. juice glass full - it does the trick. One and done. The Labcorp test shows for me - one time, 5 oz of GFJ with the pill is enough.


I take 12mg of Rapa with the juice of two grapefruit. Watch out for LabCorp results. There are articles about LabCorp employees sabotaging results because of dissatisfaction with management. My $600 Men’s Elite Panel through Life Extension (done every year) came back with my T at 1500. No way accurate. On Reddit.


My Labcorp in Missouri have always been top.

Wow! Stanny, that is quite a big dose.

Everyone finds their sweetspot… mine is much lower.

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