Young mTOR vs Old mTOR

I may need some help from our deep thinkers on this one! To set the table, the aging process and processess seem to push the accelerator of mTOR1 to levels that create consequences that result in many of our aging related diseases. Inhibiting mTOR1, either in a pulsatile approach like Rapamycin and periods of fasting appear to slow this down or apply the breaks. CR and metformin have similar path ways, but not in a pulsatile manner.

In medicine , many times we try to “associate” possible out comes with what we observe from other findings. Sometimes this is helpful and other times we learn the lesson of association does not always correlate with “causation”. PCOS is a syndrome that many women have with noted elevated testosterone levels. This can cause male like hair growth and acne to just name a few challenges. Many feel the cause is all due to testosterone = bad. However, many women will take testosterone to enhance libido and energy with levels much higher than seen in PCOS without the side effects. Association does not always equal causation in this case since PCOS has many more moving parts than just elevated testosterone - primarily insulin resistance.

So, to my point! What information do we have or “association” do we know about younger (25 y/o) mTOR activation / deactivation process?? Most of the Rapa users on this site say they “feel younger” Less aches and pains, like the were when they were younger. If we can understand how our mTOR worked in our youth, we may be able to create a model similar to replacing hormone levels to those of our youth. I would think Dr. Sabatini would be a person to have great insight to this. I would appreciate anything any of you have run across that address what younger people do differently than older as far as mTOR.


Yes, he would.

Consider asking him on Twitter?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Or send him an email.

David M. Sabatini



Thank you for the suggestion. I sent him a message.

Dudley Lamming would also be a good source on this topic specifically:

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