Will the GLP-1 drugs promote longevity and healthspan?

no my BMI is only 34 LOL. Kidding most likely around 25-26 ish.

At this time the drugs are not ‘indicated’ for you. The “on-label” requires type 2 diabetes or a BMI >30 or a BMI > 27.5 with at least one other weight related issue (high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, …). Of course an MD could prescribe these for you off-label.

Anyway we don’t have a lot of data for people in your category. Absent some compelling data, it does not seem like an intelligent risk:reward choice for you to take these drugs. Also they are not cheap.

Most medicine needs to be individualized to the patient. I guess there are a few exceptions (such as certain childhood vaccines), but generally speaking, standardized treatments are bad medicine.

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