Why Greek coffee is considered healthiest in the world

For us coffee lovers…

It’s like a thick sludge and not tasty. My mom used to read people’s fortunes from their coffee cup sediment after they finished the Greek coffee she prepared for them.


I am an espresso lover, so I post this.

Espresso Coffee Mitigates the Aggregation and Condensation of Alzheimer′s Associated Tau Protein | Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (acs.org)

I wonder if they tried it against the Super Longevity Morning Coffee

1 Cup of Regular Coffee
+12 g of Collagen Peptides
+6 g Glycine
+500 mg TMG

Or the DeStrider Special Mid-Afternoon Coffee

1 Cup of Regular Coffee
+6 g of Taurine
+200 mg Hyaluronic Acid
+500 mg Magnesium Citrate

Taken about 4 hours apart to allow proper absorption. Both without sugar or cream and undoubtedly healthy! :wink:


Because it’s Turkish? :wink: Joking aside, I assume that Turks and Serbs (who call it Turkish or “domestic”) consume more of this type of coffee than Greeks (no matter the name) and yet Greeks live way longer. As noted by @arugula, the worst is its taste… I don’t drink it for anything other than fortune-telling (always fun :smile: ). Not worth the taste otherwise :joy:


A good tasting coffee that’s cheap is the Aldi organic whole bean one from Peru. I can’t drink it straight but make it with 2 scoops regular and 3 scoops decaf so I won’t get the jitters.

I put in 5 g collagen peptides (with hyaluronic), 5 g protein powder (equate quinoa and pea) and fortified soymilk. I had to fight the gag reflex for the first two months but now I’m used to it.

A lot of Greek stuff is Turkish and vice versa due to long-term Ottoman occupation and the Treaty of Lausanne. Including the people. But it’s mostly Turks who find out that they are Greek rather than the other way around.

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Don’t know about most of those ingredients, but glycine makes a decent sweetener for things like coffee and cacao.

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That’s about what I do for the morning coffee. And what I plan for an “evening taurine” drink. But I’m also trying to fit in 5g of creatine midday (I think this stuff works) which I’ve been taking in seltzer water, and then maybe 3+g each of carnosine and/or beta-alanine. So timing is imperative given they likely compete.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought that for maximum absorption, amino acids need to be taken stand alone on an empty stomach. Taking amino acids with another protein source means it has to compete for absorption so wouldn’t the 12g collagen peptides combined with the 6g glycine cause amino acid competition for absorption?

Collagen is a combination of amino acids (mostly glycine). It may cause some amino acid competition as the glycine may hinder the absorption of some of the other amino acids in collagen. However, since the collagen peptides are a series of linked amino acids (glycine + others), I don’t think this will cause a problem. I have found that my body adequately utilizes the collagen as my skin has improved noticeably (more collagen) during this time.

Short answer: There doesn’t seem to be any problem taking collagen and glycine together.