Why doesn’t Misha Blagosklonny look younger?

Matt Kaeberlein cites research on rats that shows rapamycin preserves muscle mass during aging and speculates this may be related to its anti-inflammatory properties, see Can you Build Muscle on Rapamycin?.

I think the simplistic view that mTor is either off or on, overlooks the complexity of the process. David Sabatini describes over 20 downstream processes in this podcast Rapamycin: potential longevity benefits, surge in popularity, unanswered questions, so clearly mTor is not simply an on/off switch. Not only that but it’s likely that different agents impact different tissues in different ways. For example, while leucine may stimulate muscle protein synthesis, it’s unlikely to cause the neural tissue to grow. That’s a guess of course, but I believe a more nuanced approach is needed and we are still far from understanding the mechanisms involved in mTor modulation generally and rapamycin specifically.


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You’re correct. It’s 0.2%. I corrected that post thank you. Should have looked at the bottle.

I’ve been using it for about 3 and 1/2 years from Carefirst pharmacy. It is prescription. Same physician that put me on rapamycin filled that prescription for the lotion too. About six months after I started taking the rapamycin pills.

Seems to be doing the job. My dermatologist says my skin is fantastic for my age.


Ok, good we caught that snafu. I will soon have my own home made lotion with Sirolimus powder I bought from India. I hope my results are as good as yours!! Thanks for the info and way to go!!

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Hey Brett, I get to Stockholm every now and then. I definitely will look you up when i’m hanging out with my friends there.

Also, I like Gothenburg. It’s a bit quieter… in that city.

I hope you get similar results. I do think that it’s been great for removing age spots, sebaceous tags… moles, and revitalizing the skin.

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I would love that, see you!

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What is your source of sirolimus powder in India? Never heard that before.

Search at indiamart.com, plenty of suppliers.

According to my vendor in India, the Indian FDA prohibits the export of powder.

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Well, from the photos I’ve seen online he appears to be in his 60s, and from what I read, he is in his 60s. It does look like he has grey hair, but his facial skin looks smooth. So, I don’t quite understand why he should look younger because he does look his age to me.

Of course, it’s hard to know when the photos I’ve seen were taken or published, but here is a link from two years ago that gave me some idea of his facial appearance at that time, though not a close enough view. I’d like to see better, more current photos and some proof of his age if anyone has those two things to post.


I get it from the same place but in 90 ml bottle as I use it a lot. It usually lasts me at most a month.

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"This is why women end up getting fatter in the middle even if maintaining the same body weight with menopause " How many years after the beginning of menopause can women still benefit from starting HRT, and does doing so reverse the change in fat distribution that has already occurred? What about estriol instead of estradiol? I have read that estriol is safer.

If no contraindication, indefinitely. The statement of starting HRT within 10 years of menopause was not evidence based and was arbitrary. I don’t know of any age limit to this improving metabolic status - and there would be no logic for it to.
What is the safety concern with estradiol? Taken by patch, I’m not seeing any reason for most post menopausal females to not take it. I’m not looking for a ‘safer’ alternative — as I don’t have worries about the safety. I want something effective, and having a very weak estrogen like estriol won’t get efficacy and adds nothing to safety.
The issue is don’t use non-bioidentical estrogens (like premarin), don’t use estrogens orally, don’t take synthetic progestins … take oral micronized progesterone at bedtime (re-establishes all that sleep that gets lost with menopause as this is a great GABA agonist).
That would be my take on it … but as always talk with your doctor – if you have one who is an expert in HRT (sadly this is an area, still of <50% of women who would benefit having access).