Which SUPPLEMENTS that NO ONE should buy?

There are some supplements that are good for everyone, and then there are some supplements that are just plain BAD and NO ONE should take. Give your least favourite supplements and why you think they should not be bought. I’ll start it off:

  1. Red Yeast Rice (USA produced) - The reason to buy this is for the lovastatin that helps reduce cholesterol. But the FDA forces supplement makers to remove it as statins are a prescripted drug. Why buy a supplement that has it’s active ingredient removed? Bonkers.
    Red Yeast Rice.

  2. Bladderwrack - It’s a source of iodine and might be a Sirtuin 6 activator, but also may contain a lot of heavy metals as the plants absorb these toxins and you may or may not be ingesting a lot of nasty crap that far outweighs any positives from this supplement. I have neither the time or patience to test each batch for quality. This is the main ingredient in DoNotAge’s Sirtuin 6 Activator.

  3. Vitamin E - It may prevent cancer. It may cause cancer. It may do both. Why risk it?
    What dictates how vitamin E supplements affect cancer risk?

  4. Iron (Unless you are deficient) - Too much iron is bad and ages your body. Men who are predisposed to hemochromatosis can build up potentially toxic and even lethal amounts of iron in their vital organs and other glands, states the Iron Disorders Institute. Excess iron in men can cause tissue damage, premature aging and DNA mutations that can cause cancer. Should be taken only in deficiency and mostly by women.
    Should Men Take Iron Supplements? | livestrong

  5. And finally:
    7 Supplements Guys Should Never Take | Everyday Health


lol . . . “Bladderwrack” sounds like some kind of medieval torture device or a heavy metal band. Is that seriously a supplement


It’s real. And it’s probably not worth your effort to go into it more than that!

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Don’t bother with Vitamin C. It just goes to your urine. You max out with a good diet.

This guy is a click bait whore. If you test yourself for vitamin sufficiency you would be surprised of some vitamins that are insufficient. I eat a very healthy diet and exercise outdoors. I tested myself and I was low on Vitamin C and D. Which was a big surprise for me. All other Vitamin levels were fine. Started taking extended release vitamin C and 5000IU Vitamin D. Tested again 2 months after, All Vitamin levels is at very healthy levels. Problem sorted.


It looks like that Selenium should be supplied only if you lack it then. My father takes 200 ug per day, I’ll tell him to cut it by half.

Not in the realm of what NO-ONE should buy, but there are supplements that ppl with lower Thyroid function and using medication should be careful with… The two latest ones I learned about are Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Lemon Balm. I happen to love both of them, and not happy about the possible effect they might have. Also, chronic use of ALA requires additional Biotin to avoid depletion. Some companies even add Biotin to the mix, but most don’t…

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