Which supplements do you think are still worth taking?

I take Losartan for high blood pressure and it has a common side effect of lowering Uric acid levels by 30% or more. In my case it dropped to 3.0 from 4.2, which is below the recommended range (uric acid also has beneficial effects as an anti oxident : it is the primary anti oxident circulating in the blood at all times), and I tried to convice my doctor to switch me to Telmisartan, but no luck.

Note that my kidneys are slighly weak : my creatinine level is typically 1.20 and the only reason my eGFR is still 65 is that it assumes as a male I must be well muscled : I am actually sedentary and my wife who gardens has more muscles than me. Even though her createnine level is also 1.20 her eGFR is 43, so she gets treated for CKD!


I’ve gotten as low as 4.1 but my goal is about 5.0 mg/dL which is reported to be low enough to start dissolving the uric crystals in my joints. Apparently anything above about 5.5 and the uric crystals stay intact. All that said, my uric acid levels can fluctuate significantly on a week to week basis. So, it appears my kidneys “should” be in reasonable condition … I just need to find the right mix that maintains my uric acid level down as low as I want.

Have you tried any fasting?

Interesting about the Losartan; not something I’d heard. I’d opted to not take a prescriptions medication to address my gout when talking to my doctor. I was planning to make the dietary changes needed to lower my uric acid. That has worked … just not as consistent as I’d like.

I didn’t mean to hijack this thread, so I may search to see if there is already a “Gout” thread and/or start another. Thanks for all the feedback so far.

Losartan is the only ARB consistently shown to lower serum uric acid levels.
If your blood pressure is higher than you would like, losartan may be for you for a double benefit. It is widely prescribed by primary physicians and cardiogists.
It has a good safety record and few side effects.

And, of course, you can get it from India.

A writeup on the scientific paper that Joseph posted earlier:


I haven’t had any trouble with uric acid levels, so I don’t have a good answer for you. All this being said, I have reduced my niacin dosing per the latest study that shows a link between Niacin and heart disease.

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