Which supplements are good for ALMOST EVERYONE?

I just ordered selenium to add to my stack. Thanks for the advice!

I don’t which brands you are buying, but I think we have radically different taste buds.

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usually this one, sometimes John West (which is saltier) damn inflation btw, these used to be 1.59 a few months ago

What are people’s views on/experience with fisetin and spermidine? I’m currently taking both: fisetin during the day, and spermidine at HS. (There’s evidence that spermidine enhances the effects of IF, and should be taken HS.) Both of these somewhat recent supplements seem to be making the news quite a bit, and they’re touted by several longevity/healthspan scientists and experts. Like many of you, I take quite a few supplements on a daily basis. It’s not really about the money (what better thing could you spend your $$ on than your healthspan?); it’s about not wanting to waste it on pointless supplements, or to be forced to swallow more pills per day than necessary.

I’m not questioning the value of my trusted “workhorses” (things like vitamin D, B12, magnesium), but there are a few on the periphery, like fisetin and spermidine–possibly along with NMN–that I’m wondering about. Any thoughts on what DOESN’T work? Thanks, Community!


Spermidine. Unfortunately, spermidine probably does nothing.
Good video on supplements in general.


Yes - I spoke to Richard Miller about their negative results in spermidine testing about a year ago but he told me in confidence. I also contacted the spermidine researchers (Frank Madeo) in Austria and he said even though its not measurable in the blood easily he still thinks it gets into the brain, etc. There are more studies coming out… I think its likely in the same category as NMN, Fisetin, etc… some positive tests, some negative tests, probably isn’t going to hurt you, may be helpful, but may not be worth the money and time if its expensive, but may be worth it if its cheap.


This is a great topic. I’m wondering what the pros/cons are of taking quercetin. I like the idea of reducing my pill intake and that one seems like one for the chopping block (i also decided to drop Vitamin C). I personally also take a lot of B vitamins but I’m taking a ton of PPI’s to protect my esophagus.


Welcome, Will! Glad to have you with us.

I used to have GERD real bad, spends years, decades even waking up gulping down baking soda (as I knew PPIs were bad for longevity) until I started the carnivore diet, that was the first night in a long time I just slept the entire night without pain

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how about Acarbose, and astaxanthin


Two very good choices.

I cut my supplements down to 5:

  1. fiber
  2. collagen
  3. hylauronic acid
  4. creatine
  5. boron

I started a carnivore diet recently and take acarbose whenever carbs enter the equation. Work dinners, holidays, etc.

Check out Dr Ken Berry for more details on the carnivore diet. He has a YouTube channel.

I’m on a rapamycin break until January. I do 3 months on and 3 months off rapamycin.


I have GERD too, chest pain daily. Now and then on PPI, cycling every 14 days. Maybe I should try carnivore diet.

You could try but if you are on ppi it takes some planning because you need stomach acid for proper digestion of meat but going of ppis will temporarily make the Gerd much worse. Probably best to decrease ppis first and use baking soda if you get breakthrough Gerd

I had GERD with daily pain for 10 years no matter how many poi’s I popped.
Completely cured it within a couple of weeks when I stopped consuming seed oils.


I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous dysplasia in my esophagus so I need to be vigilant. I’m all better now with treatment but I have to do annual endoscopy checks to make sure I don’t have a recurrence. TL;DR catching Barrett’s Esophagus and other dysplasia early has like a 98% or higher cure/treatment rate but if left untreated, it’s got a really high mortality rate so I was super lucky to catch it before it got bad so staying on PPI’s are something i have to live with


What were the symptoms so that others might also avoid the same? I had a colonoscopy done and found pre-cancerous polyps. Removing polyps is a cakewalk compared to removing cancer. An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure!

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Diet is also crucial here. Buy the book Acid Watcher Diet.


One interesting thing is that probably everyone here, myself included, would list rapamycin as a supplement that is good for everyone. That is why we are here. I think if you were to ask the same question among professionals in the longevity space, rapamycin would be a controversial choice.

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I think most people would benefit from sulforaphane supplementation.