Where to find Rapamune?

Hi there I am new here and based in the U.K.
Where can I order Rapamune without a prescription? :slight_smile: thanks Dino

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People have reported good results from here:


Thanks, my only worry is the price is low for the original (non generic version), are you sure its not fake? Thanks :slight_smile:

The price is €454 for 100 tablets.


They actually sent me Pfizer Rapamycin, Rapamune.


Ok thanks it seems legit :slight_smile:

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That is not even a big markup. I pay 345 EUR for 100 pills. I might order it since my pharmacy started putting all of my prescriptions in the electronic medical file and I don’t want to be asked questions when i go to the doctor’s appointments. Last time I was asked if I were diabetic for my acarbose prescription :no_mouth:


Hi There :slight_smile:

Have you guys found BG Pharma to be reliable, I received my first shipment OK, however my 2nd shipment has not arrived and they are unresponsive to my emails?

Does anyone know of any other alternate providers of Rapamycin?



I referred a friend to BGpharma, and he has been ordering from them for about a year now. However, he mentioned that they can be unresponsive for several days at times, and shipments occasionally take longer than expected. Additionally, he advised against using Wise for transfers, as he had one payment blocked but later returned.

Ok thanks for the advice :))

He’s a single person business I think. And he goes on vacation sometimes ( he has posted this).

I have had the same problem here in Sweden. But not anymore. I might be wrong, but I think that you (or someone else here) wrote that you/they are Swedish too. If so, then there is an easy way to hide the specific prescriptions for rapamune in the electronic files. If I am right, and this is still an issue that you would like to handle, then just let me know.

I would also like to say that this is not illegal. On the contrary, it is a right that the authorities must give to the individual. You have the right to hide medicines that are registered in the national database that pharmacies use when dispensing medicines that require a prescription. A person can opt to conceal some medicines that are on the electronic list. But it is only possible to hide a medication for caregivers. i.e., doctors and other healthcare providers.

However, the medications that are on the national drug list are always available to all registered pharmacies in Sweden. In other words, based on personal integrity/freedom of choice, this option is a right to hide certain medications for caregivers and take the risk that some caregivers might not be able to optimize your treatments.


That is absolutely great to know! I thought it is strange that every doctor can se what medicines I am prescribed.

You can either go directly to the site läkemedelskollen.se or (as I did) go there through a link on the 1177 site. Once at the 1177 site go to “Läkemedelstjänster” and after that click on “Se information om recept”. Then you will enter the site called, Läkemedelskollen. When you have accessed the site “Läkemedelskollen” click on “utgågna recept”. Then click on the arrow in the upper right corner, next to the recipe you want to hide.

Locate the “Se hela receptet” button and click on that. Then click on “hur dölja recept.” and then click on “Dölj recept”… And now the prescription will be hidden from healthcare providers.

It was quite intuitive to do. I hope you make it. if you have questions or if I need to clarify please let me know. I can write in Swedish but I (try to) write here in english, this so english speaking persons living in Sweden that read this, can learn about this option.