Where to buy metformin without prescription

Does anyone know where I can buy metformin online without a prescription? I am not diagnosed diabetic or pre-diabetic because I maintain a very low carb/keto style diet. But I have pre-diabetic or diabetic blood sugar spikes if I so much as look at a carb. I used to get metformin online but it seems impossible to do so now. Does anyone know where I can get it without a prescription? Because a doctor won’t prescribe it to me unless I let myself get diabetic! Thanks

You can buy it from any of the Indian pharmacies without a prescription.


I place my orders with Maulik via WhatsApp. Reliable Indian pharmacist. This is his number: +91 99251 71777 if you want to contact him for Metformin.


Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. That’s very useful.

Not as cheap as India, but staying on shore … AgelessRx.com works - or if your PCP is reasonable and you give them a rationale - could go either way, but some will go for this.


Thank you very much.

I would buy the extended-release version from India. It is easier on the stomach.
Also, you can get extended-release metformin+ dapagliflozin or empagliflozin

The extended-release versions will give more even glucose control.
I am currently using extended-release metformin+dapaglifozin.

This combo is unlikely to cause hypoglycemia.


Thank you. That’s really useful information. Interesting too about the dapagliflozin and empagliflozin. I saw them online and had no idea what they are. I’ll google them now. Thanks.

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Is that combo already in a tablet or capsule form, or you buy all three and take separately?

They are combined in a single extended-release tablet. Any two, not three, but that may be possible. I haven’t checked.
Very cheap.
Available from all of the usual suppliers. I got mine from Jagdish.


My doc prescribes me quick release metformin. I didn’t know about extended release. I don’t get stomach upset. Is there any downside to extended release you can think of?

“My doc prescribes me quick release metformin”
Not that I can find. ER results in more even glucose control throughout a 24-hour period.


Alex Barton – just one more thought – consider making a stronger case to your doctor, or consider seeing a different doctor. Gather data: Get a monitor and record your glucose after eating. I made a case like this to my doctor and he agreed to prescribe – and good thing, as my very early stage prediabetes has progressed, even on the Metformin and I am now on a higher dose.

I have ordered things from India, and it worked out well. But for something safe, widely used, and inexpensive like Metformin, it should not be a stretch to get a doctor to give you a script.

I would start with just Metformin and see how well that controls your glucose, before considering adding an SGLT or other drugs.


Thanks. Do you have a link to jagdish please? I can’t find it.

Just email:
Jagdish Nikose rlhealthcare1928@gmail.com
Ask for a quote.

The only easy way that I have found to pay him is through my Wise account.
If you don’t have a Wise account it is a minor hassle to set up. Once set up the navigation is not intuitive. (at least not for me). Once you learn the ropes it is easy to use and many vendors in India prefer this method. IMO: Wise transfer fees are very low cost, 2 -$3 or less for my transactions so far.

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Knowing you are based in UK, just to let you know the following vendor is happy to accept British Pounds
Maulik Parekh, maulik7@gmail.com
Many on this forum have bought from him.

Hello Alex,

Maybe another solution : berberine. Berberine’s action is similar to that of metformin.
It is a medicinal plant that is quite easily found (in Europe) and safe.


You could always arrange a blood test with a doctor. Then simply eat a spoonful of sugar before the test. That should spike your glucose and the doctor might be persuaded to write a script for metformin for you.

That sounds great, except that the blood test they do in the UK to prescribe Metformin, is the A1c which is an average of three months. So although I get high spikes daily, overall my A1c is always in normal range because I am strict with my diet to prevent diabetes. I haven’t found a private doctor yet, who will prescribe Metformin without a diabetic A1c either. It’s very annoying that you seem to have to already have diabetes before they will prescribe it.