Where does everyone live here? Anyone in the SF Bay area?

Just wondering. I live in MA


RapaNews is based in the Bay Area. I suspect many members are from Northern California too.

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I live in Alamo California the bay area beautiful place to live. I have lived my whole life 55 years here in the bay area.

Corte Madera CA - just over the Golden Gate Bridge

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I live in Tempe, Arizona

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WA, not too far from Seattle

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I’m in Boca Raton, Florida, very involved with antiaging as well as philanthropic research and treatment of Military veterans and active duty service members with TBI and PTSD for suicide prevention.

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Palm Springs California

Littleton, New Hampshire

Maryland here. Adding for min characters

Gothenburg in Sweden (Europe).

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Nice - In December 2021 I was lecturing on American Medical History near Gothenburg. At the ECOM - in Alingsås, Sweden. I stayed in Gothenberg at the Hotel Riverton - nice!! Been there and to Stockholm many times.

I work at a Medical University in Kirksville, Missouri. Jason

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Jason Haxton - Work at a Medical University in Kirksville, Missouri.

Boston, MA area- north shore to be more specific

Toronto, Canada (it’s still cold up here) :cold_face:

Nice! Toronto - or as the locals say Tor-rondo… great city of modern buildings and old historic ones too. Oh, and addicted to the profiteroles!

I often do lectures in Hamilton - talk about a town re-inventing itself. From steel mills to health focused community. Amazing.

I am in Taiwan, Taiwan and Ukraine are two hot topics right now.
Fun fact: Ukraine sold weapons to China, and these weapons are just the weapons China threatening us now, but in China, roughly 90% people wants Ukraine dies, and in Taiwan now, almost all people support Ukraine and voluntarily donate to them

As an anti-aging enthusiast, I want everyone can live as long as possible, as healthy as possible, and no one dies in war again
World peace


I live in Ashland, OR (southern Oregon, 16 miles north of the California boarder.

I think it would be interesting to have a color-coded map of where rapamycin users live.
A red pin on the map = 0-10; a green pin on the map = 11-100; a blue pin = 101-500; a yellow pin = 501-1000; a purple pin = 1001-2000. That should suffice for starters.

Also letting people know my new book “Rapamycin, mTOR, Autophagy & Treating mTOR Syndrome” has boon published this month. To learn more, or to order, go to: RAPAMYCIN mTOR AUTOPHAGY & Treating “mTOR Syndrome” - Life Extension

Here’s to Increasing HealthSpan, Ross

Hello to all of you, great community here.

I’m from Slovenia, EU (neighbor countries are Austria, Italy, …)

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Hey David - I like the way you note your neighboring countries for the untraveled. I have been to Bled a few times and lectured in Ljubljana a few times - amazing bridges and dragons! You can’t beat Piran for beauty on the water (Little Venice). Great people - beautiful country.

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