Wheat Free, Grain Free Diet?

Anyone looked into idea/suggestion by William Davis, MD {he is a board certified cardiologist]?

His idea of eliminating all grains, as they are the major problem to a plethora of diseases.

Recently listened{audiobook] to his latest book. Interested me enough to start two of his others books

6 yrs into a strict keto diet, no wheat/grains/sugars.


Many of the most renowned people in the longevity field essentially do not include wheat products in their diets; Peter Attia, Mike Lustgarten, Rhonda Patrick, etc are examples. In fact one of my primary objections to Valter Longo’s Longevity Diet is that is way too high in breads and pastas (though he does recommend limiting them if type 2 diabetes develops, though I wonder why wait until the damage is done). I believe that removing wheat products from the diet is a move in the right direction.