What would you do with 5 years of healthy extra lifespan?

So, let’s make the assumption that Rapamycin gives you an extra 5 years of healthy lifespan in your prime and pushes everything out further. What will you do in those 5 extra years?

Keep living life as you are?

Go on more vacations?

Spend time with the family?

Work longer?

Start over? (Divorce, Mid-life crisis, etc…)

What if instead of 5 years, it was 50 years? Would that change things for you?

I’m waxing philosophical today…


I’d love to spend more time with family.


Learn to play the piano.


It would absolute change things for me if it ends up being 10+ extra years. I’d consider going back to school for something totally new, maybe moving somewhere else. Who knows. That would change the calculus on a lot of things, I would think.

Another thing, this may be a small consideration, but I think it would just make every day more pleasant. I think for many people, including myself, when you get caught up in the rat race every day, it’s hard not to have that thought in the back of your mind that each one of these days that is essentially wasted going to a bullshit job is one fewer you have left. Just knowing you have more time would lower the stress level in general for me.