What would you do if you had access to Bryan Johnson levels of wealth (and more)?

What would you measure that he doesn’t measure?

I would measure if his protocol at least extends lifespan of mice or worm

He could do an experiment on mice or worm that would take all the medications and supplements he is taking
Matt Kaeberlein tested many drugs and supplements on worms - he said that combinations of drugs are not predictable

For now, he hopes that what he is doing will extend his lifespan when he didn’t test it on any animal yet (longest lived worm and mice ever didn’t measure their liver function every 1 week, but they were just result of random intervention)

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I might try and get hold of quality 17-alpha-estradiol which for males seems even more promising than rapamycin. I might also track some markers like LH and (free) T , wear a CGM and get periodic body composition scans


Give the money to the hungry, to extend their life. Better extension of lifespan than spending obscene amounts on one man.

Fund longevity research.