What would happen if the entire human genome was loaded into an artificial intelligence program?

Thus, couldn’t all signaling pathways, receptor-hormone-drug interactions, and aging mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels be completely resolved?

There is no AI program. Everybody’s genome is different. It may be deeper than we know (electrical things, quantum things, other things).

Lol, we always used to solve all unknown problems with nanobots. Similar.

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I hope for the better understanding of human genome with the AI to fast track it.

It’s not that simple. I’m sure there are people who are using AI to work on problems that include looking at the genome, but the genome is only part of the picture.

So yes, it seems reasonable to hope that AI can help us to understand all sorts of problems in medicine & biology, but it will take some human intelligence to get there as well.

From a post from yesterday:

The genome does not directly specify your shape. It doesn’t shape the content of the memories of your body networks. What it gives you is some amazing hardware that does some stuff by default, out of the box, but it’s also highly reprogrammable.
New intelligence model could upend biology, genetics, medicine and AI

You’d have to have load all of the other data that would make it build a model that includes pathways, receptor-hormone-drug interactions, etc. That requires research. Genome is just words and letters without it.

Today even the human experts are wrong on what a gene does for complex diseases, like candidate gene study. The best we can do is just scan the entire genome and find assosciations with diseases in large populations compared to control (causality), like GWAS.