What Questions Do You Have on Higher Doses of Rapamycin, 60% Remaining Life Expectancy Improvement Study?

I’m looking more closely at this research paper that showed very high level of lifespan improvement at a very high dose and wanted to get other people here to also review the study and post any questions you have about the high dose study.

I’m planning to interview one of the paper authors shortly and want to get more information about this higher dose study of rapamycin which saw male (mouse) remaining lifespan increased by 60% at the highest dose.

In this single 3-month “high dose” treatment regimen was, in 2016, shown to increase remaining life expectancy of mice by up to 60% over non-treated controls (9). In this study, the total lifespan improvement (14% in males) from the high, 3 month dosing regimen was more than the ITP low dose rapamycin taken from early mouse adulthood through end of life (10% in males), and almost equal to the ITP “moderate dose” regimen from middle age through end of life (20% in males). This suggests that rapamycin may not need to be taken for many decades to still offer significant improvements in health and lifespan.

Read the full paper here:

Transient rapamycin treatment can increase lifespan and healthspan in middle-aged mice

Rapamycin Lifespan Improvement given different Doses from the NIA ITP Studies

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Can you provide the conversion from the study to human dose?



Did you Interview?

Would 90kg human be 60mg dose?

Did quick conversion mg x kg÷12

Is this in the ball park?

What is the current highest dosage is anyone of note, taking, especially the elderly.

Mikhail V Blagosklonny
“Optimal dose of rapamycin for maximal net benefits. Life extension by rapamycin is dose-dependent in rodents. The higher the dose, the higher the anti-aging benefits, including cancer prevention and life extension.”

He also suggests the later in life you start, the higher the dose needed.

My own experience taking 20 mg doses of rapamycin with grapefruit juice before and after, was a mild case of diarrhea for a few days after the dose.
At 10mg of rapamycin with grapefruit juice before and after, I had no side effects.
I am going to titrate up to 20 mg, 2 mg at a time on a weekly dose. I am hoping my body makes adjustments so that I can take at least 20 mg a week with grapefruit juice.

Not sure if you would count this person (its anonymous) - but this guy was taking 20mg/week, and tried much higher doses (up to 144mg over 36 hours).

One User Trying Very High Doses of Rapamycin