What price do you pay for Metformin and Acarbose?

Wondering what price other members are paying for Metformin and Acarbose and where you order the Metformin/Acarbose?
If there are any members from Spain: I’d be interested to know what price you pay for Acarbose in Spain? (As far as I understood it is available OTC in Spain?)
Many thanks!


Acarbose on Amazon 100 mg tabs for about 20 cents/tab.
Don’t take Metformin.

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Thanks! Indeed, the latest updates on Metformin don’t install a lot of trust. The Twin study Rivasp posted is also not looking promising.
But I’m still a bit concerned about the effects of Rapamycin on blood glucose levels. I’m not sure if I want to keep taking a SGLT2-inhibitor long term. I eat a lot of carbs (albeit whole foods) and with autumn/rain here unfortunately I’m exercising much less than I used to. I’m also not sure if I will be able to tolerate acarbose, after reading up on the gastrointestinal effects.

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At first it was kind of rude, but now I take 100mg with a meal if it has carbs and don’t notice anything at all. I’m sticking with this one.


Same here, 50mg before a high carb meal and don’t notice anything unusual.


I just returned from Spain and Acarbose is not available in Spain at all. I visited few pharmacies, had prescription and they all said the same, that is is not available…

Yeah, due to supply issues (inconsistent production) from the manufacturer some european countries i.e. Belgium, The Netherlands apparently Spain too have temporarily stopped allowing acarbose fullfilments. I read somewhere that this ‘ban’ was until mid april.

If you reside in the EU, I ordered my Acarbose from this German online pharmacy: https://www.arzneiprivat.de/

Germany doesn’t have the supply issue’s it seems.

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