What price do you pay for Metformin and Acarbose?

Wondering what price other members are paying for Metformin and Acarbose and where you order the Metformin/Acarbose?
If there are any members from Spain: I’d be interested to know what price you pay for Acarbose in Spain? (As far as I understood it is available OTC in Spain?)
Many thanks!

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Acarbose on Amazon 100 mg tabs for about 20 cents/tab.
Don’t take Metformin.

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Thanks! Indeed, the latest updates on Metformin don’t install a lot of trust. The Twin study Rivasp posted is also not looking promising.
But I’m still a bit concerned about the effects of Rapamycin on blood glucose levels. I’m not sure if I want to keep taking a SGLT2-inhibitor long term. I eat a lot of carbs (albeit whole foods) and with autumn/rain here unfortunately I’m exercising much less than I used to. I’m also not sure if I will be able to tolerate acarbose, after reading up on the gastrointestinal effects.

At first it was kind of rude, but now I take 100mg with a meal if it has carbs and don’t notice anything at all. I’m sticking with this one.


Same here, 50mg before a high carb meal and don’t notice anything unusual.

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