What is your practice on cold shower or cold plunge?

I love the sauna but only occasionally cold plunge. My main concern is safety as I am wary of sudden vasoconstriction. I do brief cold showers daily without difficulty. What are your practices and benefits gained thus far?

Here is the study in 2002 in Sports Medicine provided some caution on cold plunges on older people:


Yes, even in younger populations this may be an issue. I think it was Rhonda Patrick who mentioned she felt like she almost fainted when she went from a hot sauna to a cold pool / plunge once.


For me it seems to be the opposite: it seems to take me a longer time than others to even start sweating in saunas (in general, and in Scandinavian-type - dry heat - saunas even longer than in Hammam / Turkish steam bath saunas ) but once I finally sweat I start to feel like fainting and cannot wait to get out and jump in cold water .
And after doing this a couple of times I feel reborn and also relaxed, nothing worries me than anymore ( and I sleep better)

Another thing is taking cold showers : I only do it after sweating from sports; otherwise it doesn’t make me feel good …

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