What is your Levine Phenotypic Age? Mine is... 11

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What were your days or weeks prior to the test like? Was this immediately after a fast or after rapamycin administration? I wonder about the variability of the such age tests and how it can change day to day based on behaviors followed during these days.

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After, but like, rapamycin didn’t change anything when there wasn’t really anything to change to begin with (regardless, I’m not risking it)

The biggest change is melatonin megadoses driving down my blood glucose (but need to check again with a CGM) since my HbA1c was historically 4.9 and could be a few points lower

On 4/21/2014 my results are:

my RDW and MCV decreased from 2014

But MCV was 99 on 02/10/2020 and then 93 on 11/11/2020 so it’s not terribly diagnostic of age.

RDW was 12.3 on 02/10/2020 and 11.7 on 11/11/2020

% Lymphocytes was 33 on 02/10/2020 and 39 on 11/11/2020

I definitely went more aggressive on the rapamycin at one point of time but can’t remember when I went up to 10mg/week (and then to 20/mg every 2 weeks with grapefruit)

Alex - are your blood test results from after fasting for 12 or more hours?
Also - were you taking (or had you taken any) of the medications in the day prior to testing?

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Least youthful value is Alkaline Phosphatase, which was 90 on 11/11/2020 and 70 in February 2021. It has a low coefficient but I want to look into that. I have ALP measurements of 60, 68, 90, 70 (measurements from 2020-2021). I have no clue what it means. I may have to detox more than others (b/c of all the vegetables and odd drugs I take).

I only looked up the significance of RDW yesterday and was surprised that its coefficient was the HIGHEST (of all things). Its the least obvious measurement, but thankfully I have super-youthful values here that have DECREASED over time.

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Did you measure CRP levels in your blood too?

0.03 from OpenCures July of last year (which could be even lower b/c hsCRP is so bad at the low end). Most measurements of hsCRP can’t capture variability at the low end.

Im 24 and mine was 14 lol.


Same question to you as Alex, was this immediately after a rapamycin dose or a fast?

No, it was the day right after I binged on 2500 calories of almonds. I did try to fast on the day before I collected the CRP measurement


Nope, I was not on rapamycin at the time and mine was done after a 12 hour fast from eating dinner the day before.