What is your general consensus about sleep

I am wanting to know what everyone’s general thoughts are on sleep? This includes your thoughts on what sleep is, why we sleep, how we sleep, the importance of sleep, etc(essentially just tell me what you have heard or know about sleep).

I am wanting to know this as I have seen many posts on the site talking about sleep(with a lot of misconceptions) making me wonder what the general population seems to understand.

I would be interested in hearing everyone’s responses to this topic.

I have been thinking about starting a blog or maybe even a writing series on this blog on sleep to make help answer some misconceptions or questions on sleep, let me know if you feel any interest on this.


It is a puzzle and seems like it should not be as important as it is.

Apparently since we have darkness and daylight we all adapted to one or the other and spend the off time sleeping. The brain gets washed, the muscles rebuild and then you can be ready to face the new day. If nobody works the night shift, then maintenance must not be done and you will not be ready.

Dreams are affected by various supplements and medications.

I enjoy your informative posts.

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I concur with @Bicep
As an interesting aside, having recently woken up from being under general anaesthetic for 3 hours in the most refreshed state of mind I can possibly imagine I wonder if this is where human ingenuity has actually managed to be better than Mother Nature.
(Warning: Michael Jackson died of Propofol misuse so don’t try this at home!!!).


There is obviously a lot to say about sleep, but I would suggest it is only part of the circadian cycle and it is important to recognise the importance of the circadian cycle in the round.

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I am retired I have a free schedule and very little stress I sleep well

Because I am sleeping well and use no alarm clock and just wake up naturally, my natural sleep time seems to be almost exactly 7:20 hours.


Sleep evolved before consciousness.


I make sleep a priority. All of my metrics improve if I get adequate amount of sleep (for me, that’s slightly over 8 hours per night - not every night but on average).