What is your favorite brand of tea/how do you prepare it? How important is it for tea to be organic + imported from *unpolluted states* (given that tea might bioaccumulate from soil)

I’m only starting to really brew looseleaf green tea as of late last week, and hate myself for not doing it frequently earlier. There’s the classic “pour boiling water into a teacup” thing which I only learned earlier this year. Plus, tea seems to work better than Adderall on me (I don’t know what happened to my response to Adderall, I seem to “freeze” on it more than before, but it’s okay if I just need tea)

Tea is one of the most potent pro-longevity interventions for so many reasons, such as appetite suppression. Even early Taoists associated it with “eternal youth”

I also fill the container to the very brim with leaves, which massively increases the dose of caffeine, but tea is safer than coffee in large amounts.

Ideally you want a tin to minimize microplastics

The Republic of Tea

Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf Tea

Buy Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf online. Tea of Integrity - Harvested in early spring in Fujian province in Cina, te coicest, tippy leaf and bud sets are


I also once threw up after eating raw Persian oolong tea at MILA last year, which caused some aversion for a while (I did eat tea leaves raw for a while…)

mindbodygreen – 13 Apr 18

Are You Drinking Toxic Tea? Here’s How To Avoid Pesticides & Heavy Metals

Your tea might not be as healthy as you think.


LeafScore 1 Jul 20

The 6 Best Organic and Lead-Free Green Tea Brands - LeafScore

The unfortunate reality is that your green tea may contain lead. Here are the best organic and lead-free options to avoid health concerns.

Est. reading time: 17 minutes

Mike Lustgarten uses Ocha & Co tea (imported from Japan)


I drank so much tea yesterday that I could barely sleep last night, and taking 350-440mg melatonin also did not make me sleep much, and feel hyperalert today

[this puts my nicotine overdose last year in better context too, because I took heavy doses of melatonin when i did this too]. I dose heavily on melatonin for doris-loh reasons [it’s one of the safest molecules ever]

Theanine in tea is calming. I drink Whole Foods 365 generic green tea, which I think is from Celestial Seasonings. I drink about 6 x 16oz a day (4 tea bags total).

I buy my tea directly from Ippodo Tea
The tea is really top quality and they ship worldwide.

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Same here, been buying from Ippodo for many years. Iconic place in Kyoto and Tokyo.

I buy the TickTock brand as it is decaffeinated and comes from South African uplands which I hope are much less polluted than China or India.

What do you feel from drinking tea?
I’ve tried to drink it everyday and two times a week. I remember that two times a week there was clear positive valence from drinking the tea. Even mildly if not euphoric. I don’t consume any caffeine right now except from soda every now and then.

When I took a 100 mg caffeine+200 mg l-theanine capsule after being off caffeine for months IIRC, that was pretty crazy. It felt like my personality shifted 2 standard deviations to openness. I wanted to fill my apartment walls with paintings. :rofl: Of course the subjective feeling was very energized.

Anything above ~1 mg melatonin tends to make sleep worse, there is no extrapolating from melatonin where more = better sleep. Taking hundreds of mg’s of melatonin is probably not a good idea IMO.

It’s for Doris Loh antioxidant/geroprotector reasons, it is one of the most potent anti-damage agents ever

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I wouldn’t say it is risk free though. Melatonin is a powerful way of setting circadian rhythm. It’s there to signal night/day. Who knows what happens if you maximize the signal so it becomes noise. Brain effects I am concerned about.

Compared to actual damage that matters, that signal is a rounding error…

Also the signal seems to super-saturate at very low concentrations.

Anyways, you know it when you feel it. I don’t always take melatonin because I hate feeling tired

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