What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

Yes, I measure my reps carefully (to track progress) and I go all-out, total failure. I get more reps after Rapa, and it does feel like a stimulant for me. If I take too much I can’t sleep well, which also seems to indicate it’s somehow a stimulant for me.


interesting . i thought it may have made me slightly stronger at times but i could not separate the effects if it was due to nmn nor creatine which i have also taken though not necessarily at the exact same time nor rapa necessarily on the day before

The question is how to find the right dose and is it enough for anti ageing

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Many anti-seizure medications ( Valproic acid, Gabapentine, Lyrica) and antidepressants/anti-anxiety medications like Duloxetine, Norepinephrin, Amitriptyline and others have been used for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines.

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Btw, it you have blocked arteries I suggest reading the Paulding protocol. I had angina problem about 15 years ago and went on this protocol and within 3-4 months everything cleared up. After about 6 months i reduced the dose to a maintenance dose of 3grams of VitC and 3 grams of L-Lysine 3-4 times a week. Never had any other cardiovascular issue since, and I eat a lot of animal fats, love them. Do some research but I’ve heard thousands of stories that it actually worked. Just a thought, I have no horse in the race lol


Probably not with prednisone…

True. I was prescribed gabapentin and then lamotrigine (an unappreciated drug) for almost a year for residual neuropathy following spine surgery. Eventually I stopped the meds (a painful process weaning off gabapentin) and the pain went away.

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Or, it might have simply been the passage of time that reduced the pain. It’s extremely difficult to parse the source of pain reduction. Especially when you claim the vaccination as the starting point. The further away you go in time from that vaccination (if in fact it had any part in it—also impossible to know) the more likely your symptoms are to vanish with no intervention at all.

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I read above that a cycle of 8 weeks on / 5 weeks off has been tested. Do we have any other alternatives for cycles that people have tested?

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This is a voluntary report of people using Rapamycin off label at different doses and frequencies. It’s probably the best report of safety in humans of different Rapamycing regimens.


Even accounting for possible placebo effects, the reports from rapamycin users are very positive.

“Rapamycin users generally reported perceived improvements in quality of life since beginning off-label use of rapamycin. Ratios of greater than 3:1 in agreement were observed for self-reported improvements in health, happiness, brain function, feelings of youthfulness, confidence, calmness, anxiety, and generalized aches and pains. Interestingly, greater than fivefold more rapamycin users agreed with the comment that “family/friends have commented that I look good” than disagreed, suggesting that these perceived self-benefits may also be apparent to others.”

This included people even taking rather small doses.


Why did you increase from 6mg qwk to 10mg? How did you decide to increase and then stop at that dose. Thx.

I am in that report… how I met Matt Kaeberlein. And, he suggested that I checkout rapamycin.news. Great advice.

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No - I don’t stop unless I get some illness that might be affected by Rapamycin. This is rare.