What is the dif between free fatty acids and triglycerides? Will eating LOTS of almonds/nuts increase them?

J/w. And why aren’t they measured, even though some studies associate them with all-cause-mortality?

Triglycerides are also not a precise measure b/c there are SO many different fatty acids that can from in the {sn1,sn2, sn3} position of a triglyceride…

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Increase in plasma FFA and Trigs is highly individual, but many people have lower fasting triglycerides with increased nut intake. This is probably due to the nut’s lipid profile and fiber.

If you are in ketosis, FFA will increase due to their use for metabolism. Fasting (12-14 hour) triglycerides probably won’t increase, but non-fasting trigs might increase as they are also used for metabolic energy more during states of ketosis and waking activity.


Trigs are your body’s way of storing energy. It’s generally too much carbs that cause trigs to rise.
You can lower trigs by cutting carbs. Omega 3 as well helps lower

LDL on the other and for some people goes up from a lot of saturated fat , or from eating low carb

In other words, raw unsalted almonds won’t raise either of them, but be careful with too much almonds if you have a history of kidney stones.

Macadamia nuts are also very healthy and low carb friendly