What IS healthier: acarbose + rice/bread or high-monosaccharide fruit? (like apples, berries, pears, kiwi)

acarbose can almost totally nullify the glucose spike from rice/bread. It can’t do this for many fruits. 120 calories of fruit can destroy my BG control for the rest of the day. the BG increase from 400 calories of beans+acarbose is like negligible

tbf, it’s high-sucrose fruit + acarbose that is prolly healthiest.

Fruits are worse for your teeth and therefore your body since they not only contain fermentable carbs but are also acidic

You’re mistaken on the relative effect size, as you have been in the past. Yes A FEW FRUITS are but it’s a minor effect and tooth regeneration in the future is not that hard of a problem. there’s not overwhelming evidence between citrus fruits and decay on the epidemiological level

I am not mistaken, this is my work and no we will never be able to regenerate teeth, they grow from a germ layer that disappears unlike bone which has as periost


You feel very low carb/keto dogmatic.

Any textbook on dentistry and cariology…

Yeah, right. That and a wikipedia article.

I think you mix fruits with added sucrose (table sugar) in packed foods.

Nope fermentable sugar is fermentable sugar no matter the source but what makes fruit even worse is the acidity…

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