What happens if you get a bee sting on rapamycin?

because I got stung yesterday.
it may be just me worrying, but the swelling seems a little more than in the past. I know you’re succeptible to infection while on rapamycin.

I wasn’t thinkin’ ahead and took 5mg about noon yesterday after a sting a couple hours before. It could be that the sting just took a while to swell up. I take rapa every 3rd week-ish.

My plan is to wait it out a couple days and see if it gets any worse.

I know i know. Not the place for medical advice. Just askin if this is a super obviously urgent thing.

It’s not very swollen - on my forearm near my wrist. about the area of a teacup saucer wide at most and under 1/4 inch thick.

So far no growth since yesterday’s max at approx 4pm.


Got stung by a red hornet… 3 times… on my forearm (I was closing a window and the wasp was hidden on the other side - at first didn’t know why the sudden pain) after 14 months on rapa… forearm was hot and swollen (twice normal size)for 5 days… pretty much was it.

Healed normal… no after issues.

Then stung 2 days ago o my back .
.mowing… Small quarter size bump… gone 3 days later. I think you are good… I actually have very bad honey bee sting allergy… these were wasps.

ah cool. thanks much :slight_smile:

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