What do you take and avoid on Rapamycin day?

What do people see as complementary to taking rapamycin. Whether its supplements, food, activity?

And the opposite, what do you avoid taking, eating or doing?

I’m keen to tap into the hive mind to see if we can put together a comprehensive list!


reading on this forum, appears that the majority do not make exercise and supplements 24 hours after the rapa dose. And usually when will get the rapamycin, a light meal (with citric fruits to potencialize). But the theory on why not do exercise, and not take supplements, I don’t know. If someone care to share some knowledge.

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I recently titrated up to 2mg for my third dose of rapamycin, and I know for certain next time I will NOT take my adderall, or at least significantly reduce the dose. I slept only 3 hours the first night and needed ativan to sleep the second night. As it is, I am now 5 days from my last dose and I’m still unable to sleep normally with my regular stimulant dose; I will probably have to gradually increase my dose back up after my next rapamycin day.

It is just too much trouble to concern myself with the minutiae to optimise something we don’t even know how to optimize. I take my dose of rapamycin and just do whatever I was going to do anyway. If I weren low carb anyway perhaps i would become low carb in the first 3-6days post rapamycin


On day 1 and day 2 I don’t want to interfere to any significant degree with the beneficial effects of rapa, though I will exercise on the light side.

I do pause enclomiphene, tongkat ali, and my protein supplement smoothie with its included leucine, creatine, and CaAKG.

Thats the extent of it.