What do the traffic stats for this site (over time) look like?

It’s getting a surprising amount of extremely legitimate attention, esp compared to other forums I’ve seen like crsociety.org. I’m wondering if a lot of the people who don’t post much elsewhere on other social media sites are finding this. Also, what are the most common searchwords used to find this?

[I help manage longevitybase forumbase, which also uses the same platform, but this gets way more attention].

Its interesting - we’re getting about 2,000 unique visitors a month now (the site’s been up for about 2 months) - visitors mostly from Twitter. Trendline is up but not huge. Very Little organic search traffic right now - we’re still low in terms of search rank because (I think) we are still a very new site. People who come here tend to stay here (the average visit length is about 8 minutes which is good).

I think that most of us who are interested or using rapamycin are very eager to share and learn from each other - given the state of the knowledge - and since we are the only site entirely focused on the best molecule for anti-aging.

I’m hoping that once we get more organic traffic from Google that things will grow faster.


It is a site for the curious, those anticipating using rapamycin, and those already using it. You’ve done a great job of making it an interesting site loaded with useful information. I would think it would take widespread rapamycin use to make the number of users very large.


Thats what we’re trying to accomplish!

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