What are your values on humanbenchmark.com and zachtronics games like Opus Magnum?


I have RT of 210/223 ms (in two trials), need to try more.

Eg Steve Perry's RAADFest 2022 GDF11 Presentation - YouTube

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Test Date Score

Reaction Time 12 seconds ago

12/18/2022, 1:15:02 PM 226ms

Reaction Time 57 seconds ago

12/18/2022, 1:14:17 PM 230ms

Reaction Time 9 years ago

9/4/2013, 9:01:21 PM 264ms

Reaction Time 9 years ago

9/4/2013, 7:18:28 PM 266ms

Reaction Time 9 years ago

9/4/2013, 7:14:24 PM 273ms

a sample histogram in a Zachtronics game:

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I couldn’t figure out how to get my benchmark, but it did add a bunch of crap to my computer.

Why aren’t we all taking GDF 11 ? Looks like a no brainer.

Never mind, this is why:

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Gdf11 does look interesting but i think its still early… But people have different opinions on that…

See here GDF11, Elevian News Story - NYTimes


That paper is from 2016. A much more recent paper found zero GDF-11 in the serum of subjects over 70.
So there certainly is some dispute about this topic.



Ugh, not very great compared to most users on the site (though it’s also a very unrepresentative sample)…

Related (you can stream yourself with OBS Studio): How long did it take you to get through the first campaign/prologue of a Zachtronics game like Opus Magnum, and what is the highest difficulty level in the game that you can complete?

[god these puzzle games take a lot]. To be fair, longitudinal performance (or performance change with age) is what matters here more than original raw IQ here.

Zachtronics games LIKE Opus Magnum ALSO have a histogram of scores where you can compare yourself to population SO they are a new example of quantified self analytics via video games (video games are a HUGE trove of quantified self data where people generally don’t mind having their data mined as gaming data is WAY less sensitive/personal than data elsewhere - hence why people don’t mind twitch-streaming their entire gaming history). I think the histogram is new to Opus Magnum and isn’t seen in Zachtronics games prior to it.

I think a Laura Germine study paired up with longitudinal associations of gaming would be great (I don’t think Laura Germine has experimented with real games that much lately even though it would be great).


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Take a personality test - Open Source Psychometrics Project (openpsychometrics.org)


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Human benchmark would be really interesting if you could stratify your comparison datapoints by age. Do you have any control over the comparison group?

Well, my performance on the human benchmarks was not that good except for verbal memory. I don’t think I have gotten much worse over time; these are long-term weaknesses and tasks I have avoided over my lifetime. My self-talk interferes with my performance, like “Oh, you are probably going to suck at this.” Internal dialogue should be a confound though I am unsure how to measure it. It’s related to overthinking a problem. I aim to improve my performance over time rather than beating myself up. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Best reaction times I got were this, but I’m in my 20s, have a 280hz monitor and play rhythm games regularly. I haven’t worked on the other sections so much though but it seems I touched them all briefly to see what they were. For reaction time you can probably do best by visualizing seeing the color and performing the action while waiting, or at least it helps me.

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holy shit…

I noticed a decrease in Starcraft 2 skill after 2018 (I don’t play often, but I picked it up again fine in 2018, but something about my speed really decreased even when I tried picking it up again - I don’t know if it’s “skill decay” or smg more fundamental…)

I saw a video of fps players doing the reaction time and getting under 170 and I thought it was crazy at the time too, I guess if continue to practice it you’ll get better, and a fast monitor cuts off a good amount of ms too so that cant be discounted, 13ms difference between 60hz and 280hz that I use. 120wpm is pretty impressive considering this site requires capitalization punctuation and etc in its prompts