What are your oral microbiome + oral health + periodontal exam scores/how deep are your gum pockets?

Just posting here to make sure people regularly check up on their gum health!!

My oral microbiome: All my lab results here - General Health and Longevity - CR Society Forum

Here are mine from 2017 (the last year I got x-rays). I need to check up on mine again (I don’t want too many x-rays which is why I don’t see a dentist every year, but taking them once every few years is probably okay)

One thing I know for sure: my gums rarely bleed now, but they bled more ~7-8 years ago. I do use water flosser more now

Before 2017:

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Only 2 of these x-rays were necessary, the rest is superfluous/ not necessary/ poorly shot

May I ask which X-rays are typically necessary?

Just 2 well positioned bitewings, especially when there are no large restaurations like here. Most of these xrays here are so poorly taken they are almost useless for any diagnostics

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Mine is probably not good, but good idea.
I’ve been using stannous flouride toothpaste for some time. It is the best type of flouride AFAIK, hence the best toothpaste. It’s the Crest or Oral B brand, depending on the country.

It causes sloughing and burning oral mucosa in many people
Oral B hurts my teeth like hell too, I have no idea which ingredient does that but I find it the most unpleasant toothpaste but if it works for you it works for you (sodium lauryl sulphate is another ingredient that also causes slouching btw and also in oralb)


I haven’t had any side effects, and I didn’t know there were any except some toothstaining, but that’s good to know. I don’t think I will get any since I haven’t already, and if I don’t notice anything, maybe a dentist will.

I just got an exam today. They required x-rays (from above and below) so blah I complied (they said they only need them once every 2 years). They said pocket depths were all 2’s and 3’s (no 4’s) though there wasn’t a detailed exam. Also they used an ultrasonic scaler (it did sting a little more than a regular scaler) but ultrasonic scalers are SO QUICK and they made remarks on how teeth were in very good shape (no bleeding either)

they did say i had gum recession and asked if i was grinding my teeth at night. but said periodontal pockets are not the same thing as gum recession

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Cavities were cured in 1985, and, no one knows it yet.

It is possible to genetically engineer Streptococcus mutans, the dominant human mouth bacteria, to produce ethanol instead of cavity-causing lactic acid. Further modifications cause it to outcompete native mouth bacteria, without spreading outside of the mouth. All research suggests that a one-time brushing of this GMO strain onto the teeth will dramatically reduce, or entirely eliminate, dental caries.

This organism was first created in 1985 and volunteers deliberately inoculated themselves with the modified strain. This has, to our knowledge, caused no ill effects since.