What are your favorite *restaurants*? (tasty, EVOO, low-heat/raw, high-spice, high-phytochemicals, adding taste into low-calorie veggies)

I was once taken to one in Baltimore that was very impressive. It had raw veggies.

Also, Andy’s in Rye is what livingthecrway person often visits

An issue is that when restaurants (or EA events, or the dining halls of elite private universities) often fry their vegetables and make them delicious. It’s unclear how bad fried vegetables are on net, and because I repress my diet in so many other ways, I unload my repression on fried vegetables and nuts, if readily available… (even if raw vegetables are also alternatives)

[that said, the dining halls of elite private universities are the easiest b/c they have so much healthy vegetables and spices]

John dela Parre swears by Kalustyan’s for spice racks (though this is a spicemart and not a restaurant)

[really, Jason Avent’s cooking is the best]

Here in Hong Kong, dim sum is incredibly popular for family weekend get togethers. This is prepared mostly by steaming the food. Also, there are a lot of vegetables but they usually are cooked lightly in oil and dipped in soy sauce. Plus a lot of tea. We do have the highest longevity in the world.

I’d recommend some good dim sum restaurants, but I am not sure they’d be of use…

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I don’t think there are restaurants in the States that serve a variety of steamed veggies, at least I don’t know any. For that reason, I don’t have favorite restaurants. Home made food is my favorite. It does take a lot of time to cook though.


I’ve always been happy with the food I get from Zoe’s. They provide nutritional data for all their food.

At more expensive places, I order a side salad with a lemon wedge, side of steamed broccoli, and baked potato. And yes, my companions make fun of me.

I have traveled on business for over thirty years and eaten a lot of restaurant meals. Few were anything close to healthy. The best I have found is steakhouses. If I am really lucky the place has a salad bar. I can usually order grilled salmon instead of steak, get a plain baked sweet potato, and steamed broccoli. If there is no salad bar I might order two entrees since the portion size for grilled salmon is usually small. I avoid the salad dressings, and just drink tap water. This meal choice gets boring.

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Years ago (decades actually because it was way before youtube) I read a book written by a woman that was a gardener and she had decided to stop cooking anything. I forget how long she spent eating only raw veggies from her garden. It was in years, not days like it would be for me.

Also she had tried to get somebody to come and till her garden and they kept putting her off so she planted without and when the weeds came she covered them up with mulch. She ended up no-till, for years as well. It really was a brilliant system, which most people would not be able to do.

Here’s the kicker, she was 83 years old. Wrote a book and survived without help. Came up with a very efficient way to live. I was inspired.

I don’t think that book is still around here or I’d plug it.