What ARE your C-reactive protein, RDW, WBC, and total cholesterol levels?

Just wondering.

I have CRP of 0.03 and RDW of like, 11.4


What is the usefulness of an RDW?

Its one of the factors that is in the Levine phenotypic age calculation.

There are generally two types of CRP test. The basic one which has a low end of 0.06 and the hsCRP (high sensitivity) which has a low point of 0.03. I know my CRP figure is below the bottom end of hsCRP. However, some labs report it as below 0.03, some report it as 0.03 and some report it as 0.41 (probably because their test does that). It the lab is saying 0.03 they may not be reporting it right, it may be too low to measure instead.

CRP is useful because as it responds to IL-6 it gives an indication of senescent cell load. However, if someone has a bacterial infection it can rocket and that then is not so clear.

Morgan Levine’s phenotypic age calculation is quite useful. However, I think there is a need to understand what lies behind the figures.

Fasting Glucose is a major factor in many biological age calculation systems. WBC is used by Levine, but lower is better. Albumin is used, but it says higher is better when in fact that is a U curve.

Personally I have some problem with my red blood cells and I think it relates to a historic copper deficiency. Hence I am working on improving MCV. (currently 96.1) RDW (currently 13.3) links to much the same information and the variability in MCV.

Given that alcohol drinking can cause variations in MCV driving up RDW in many ways RDW can be seen as a proxy for alcohol consumption.


This is a fascinating discussion. My RDW has been 13.1 for the last 12 years. But I have also been in pretty steady drinker. I recently kneecapped my alcohol consumption trying to improve my sleep. I wonder if it will have an effect? MCV 93.5, hsCRP .9

I tend to either not drink or drink a lot (like more than a bottle of wine or say 6 pints of beer/cider). I do weekly blood tests, but don’t always have RDW. Going back for a few weeks I have 13.3, 12.8, 13.3, 13.1, 13.5, 12.4, 12.8, 13.1

I am not really certain what part of the variation is testing artifacts.

Creatinine is something I have been pleased with having the last two results as 64 and 62 mcmol/L. My lab has the normal range for this as 64-110 where lower is good (higher Glomular Filtration Rate).

Creatinine is, however, very vulnerable to testing delays. Last year I had it as 87 so I am happy with the progress, but I don’t know how much it was affected by a testing delay last year.

My RDW has increased to a much “higher” level this is the only change marker. No increase in CRP 0.05, or WBC, only RBC increase and RDW off the charts.

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MCV is higher in calorie-restricted individuals, thus not super-indicative

Mine was super-high even many years ago

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Your RDW were high and now stabilize?

Rapa studies revealed increased in RDW and can cause havoc on your blood test.

If the average cell size reduces because of improved health whilst you are stabilising at an a lower average MCV RDW would be expected to increase, but then reduce again.

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My RDW has always been on the high side and MCV lower due to a thalassemia minor trait; however, my RDW went off the chart from 15.75%-19.2% in the past year since 6mg of Rapa weekly. I feel great, and no other blood markers have changed from my reports (low CRP 0.05), HbA1c 4.5, low Ferritin 12, and Lipids near perfect. I take no meds-

Perhaps picked up more running and exercise, eating more grass-fed red meat? From what I read, rapamycin raises RDW and lowers MCV, causing microcytic anemia in patients with kidney disease, (which I don’t have KD).

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My RDW went briefly up earlier this year, then way down

which is what you would expect if your MCV goes down.

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RDW 16.7 *
RBC 5.68 *
WBC 6.4
MCV 66.2 *
MCH 21.3 *
Bilirubin is 1.8 *
Asterisk indicates out of range.

I have Beta Thalassemia Minor.

Rapamycin has been used to treat the major form

so I am not sure there will be a problem with my use.

Total cholesterol level-- haven’t had a lipid panel lately, but based on history, I suspect in the 120-150 range.

Really great CRP. Are you doing any special to get it that low?

In the bottom of this post you can find my values:

Your apoB is much lower than your LDL which is very good although it is better if it is lower. Every 0.24 g/L increase is bad for lifespan.

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