What are your blood folate levels? How much is too much?

Mine is above 24 ng/mL, but it doesn’t say how much more…

Reference Range

Folate measurements are used in the diagnosis and management of megaloblastic anemia. The reference range of the plasma folate level varies by age, as follows [[1](javascript:void(0);)] :

  • Adults - 2-20 ng/mL, 2-20 μg/L, or 4.5-45.3 nmol/L
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I don’t understand why they just test your folate and say it’s greater than 24 nmol/L, when the graphs in the study show the minimum all cause at around 40. WTF?

I don’t think I’ve ever had mine tested.


I’ll try to get it thrown in next time.

I don’t know. I register at over 24 on some labs.

The normal ranges tend to be driven by the population rather than indications of health.

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Does it measure above 24 on your labs too or is it peaked?

here are some of the values: over24 over24 over24 over24 over24 over24 43.9 nmol/L >24 over24 >24 39.3 nmol/L >40 45

Recently got mine checked: came back as 32 nmol/l.

Reference range here (UK) seems to be between 10-45 nmol/l according to my labs.