What are the long-term risks of too many COVID boosters? [esp with all the LNPs they contain]

Do you plan on getting all the COVID boosters

Especially given Repeated doses of BCG vaccine reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and all cause mortality - #13 by macneu2299

And that there seem to be only positive effects from yearly flu shots (and as it turns out, OTHER vaccination shots).

Even I’m borderline concerned about “too many COVID vaccinations” due to “antigenic load” or theorized “immune exhaustion”, which is making me hesitant, but I live with an elderly person and still like to brag about never getting COVID so I’ll do it.

A close relationship between B-cell:T-cell ratio and immunosenescence was detected, as B-cell:T-cell ratio was much higher in mouse than long-lived mammals and significantly increased during aging. Importantly, we identified several iron-related genes that could resist immunosenescence changes, especially the iron chaperon, PCBP1, which was upregulated in long-lived mammals but dramatically downregulated during aging in all splenic immune cell types. Supportively, immune cells of mouse spleens contained more free iron than those of bat spleens, suggesting higher level of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-induced damage in mouse.


Why do so few people get all the COVID boosters?

I think it is because people believe there to be low risk for them for covid, they haven’t thought about a possible alzheimer’s disease risk decrease, I don’t know if this is true for covid, but if the pattern repeats?

Yes I am in a very small minority, but I don’t know if I will be arsed to get it, probably will. I also don’t really care about covid but it is a small optimization.

Only thing I worry about is myocarditis, but I’ve made sure to not exercise after getting the shot, and I’ve had 4 so far.

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I will skip the boosters. I bought into the COVID-19 vax promotion and had 3 shots of the Pfizer vaccine. I had such a bad reaction that I think I would rather have had Covid.
Now, I am skeptical of mRNA vaccines that use genetic material that tells your body how to make proteins.
I did get this year’s flu vaccine which is not mRNA and had no side effects. As a lifelong flu and other vaccine user, I have had no major side effects until I took a mRNA vaccine.


What side effects did you have?

One more reason to ditch even though it may effect only 50% of us.

Covid vaccines DO cause unexpected vaginal bleeding in women - even if they haven’t had their period in YEARS, study finds | Daily Mail Online

I’ve had all the Moderna shots. I’ll keep getting them. I’m afraid of long COVID (my daughter has it). I rarely get the flu vaccine out pure laziness. I’ve never had the flu as far as I know (every time I was sure I had it, the test was negative).


Boosters only needed for elderly, real young, and immune compromised. possibly higher myocarditis with Moderna.

If you want the best info on Covid vaccines, listen to Dr Paul Offit.

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I support that: For the best info on Covid vaccines, listen to Dr Paul Offit and you should also listen to all the This Week in Virology podcasts and in particular the Clinical update one on Saturdays.
Getting all the RNA shots I can get! Can’t wait for the universal flu one :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I want all the vaccines. The data on alzheimer’s and vaccines has made me super bullish on vaccines. It seems like viruses and bacteria are causing a lot of dementia.


My whole body felt like it had rheumatoid arthritis. All of my joints and muscles ached, it was physically crippling, and I could barely walk. My doctor thought I was just suffering from old age, which it couldn’t be because of the sudden onset. For two months, I had to use a walking stick or cane. I thought I was screwed for life. My doctor sent me to physical therapy, but it was laughable and did no good.

I did not associate my problems with the Covid-19 vaccine, because that wasn’t listed as a side effect. I later associated it with the vaccine, because I suddenly got over what I thought was going to be a lifelong problem. Now, I am completely pain-free.

Along with what appear to be under-reported risks from taking the vaccine I won’t be taking it again. My three daughters also took the Covid-19 vaccine with no ill effects. So one just has to make a personal choice.

Now, that I am completely pain-free I will risk getting Covid over getting another shot.


There are literally thousands of doctors involved in COVID studies and providing advice. Why do think Dr. Paul Offit has the best info?

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It is certainly not my intent to provoke a COVID-19 vaccine war. Undoubtedly, most people have no serious side effects from taking the vaccine, but there is still no way to tell the long-term consequences. I think it is worth reading the paper below before making a decision. So, personally, I think the odds of someone having a bad reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine are low, it could be many years before the long-term effects of the vaccine are known.
Israel which has the highest vaccination rate of any nation is on its 5th COVID wave. So the effectiveness of the vaccine is in doubt as far as I am concerned

This something few people know about RNA vaccines:
Their use in humans was forbidden prior to 2020. This rule was violated with the emergency use approval of the COVID RNA-vaccines.”

One thing is that its effectiveness was way over-reported. And, the harmful effects of COVID-19 were under-reported. Hospitals had incentives to report deaths as a COVID death if the patient had COVID-19 even though he died of some other cause such as cancer.

“The RNA molecules are then packaged into tiny fatty globules termed lipid nanoparticles (LNP).
The essential components of LNP are man-made and potentially highly toxic. Their use in humans was forbidden prior to 2020. This rule was violated with the emergency use approval of the COVID RNA-vaccines.”

“The fatal flaw: The immune system recognizes and destroys body cells that produce foreign proteins, such as occurs when they become infected with viruses. This ability to recognize non-self is given at birth.”

“This attack occurs because the spike protein is non-self; and since every other mRNA vaccine will encode non-self, we must expect that it will cause harm by the same mechanism and to a similar extent. These nightmarish scenarios will worsen with every booster injection”

“The biggest jolt, however, was the unfolding of the biases in reporting vaccine efficacy, as only the attractively high numbers of the relatively equivocal relative risk reduction were reported while keeping at bay the meager numbers of the more forthright absolute risk reduction.”

“The eternal dangers of RNA-vaccines”


OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, every time I see something like this, It makes me so proud that I forcefully refused to participate in it. I would also make a point to never wear a mask, until of course the alarmed Covid police would come and force me to either wear one or leave the premises because you are putting the public at risk hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. I actually falsified my vaccine certificate so I could go to work. It started looking a lot like the nice old Soviet Union right in our back yard.


I see a lot of “experts” either full on in favor of the vaccine, or completely against it. Fortunately a few are in the middle using science and common sense. I trust the following:
Dr Paul Offit
Dr Marty Makary
Dr Vinay Prasad

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You mean Rapamycin? Can’t yet, my next dose is due in couple days :smile:
Nah just having some fun and hopefully shedding a bit of light for those that would like to see it.

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Bad reaction…

Same for my wife. Brutal reactions to both shots and did not stop her from getting COVID with much milder symptoms about six months later.

My reason for taking a pass is that all evidence I have seen so far points to very poor efficacy.


I am not getting any vaccine against covid. My risk for serious complications from covid was already virtually zero before I was recovered, so even the most efficacious vaccine wouldn’t have benefitted me much but still could potentially harm me and now that I am covid recovered I can only be harmed with 0 potential benefits


they don’t fear covid given their age/status. I haven’t gotten any vaccine for covid

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Fwiw I’ve had every jab to date, eagerly waiting to get the next one which should be in stock very soon. Ditto for all of my family and most of my friends.

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Why? I’m always curious about the reasons behind a point of view I don’t understand.

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